Tim Cook ‘couldn’t be happier’ about the launch of the iPhone 8, says report


  • fmradio68

    Like he would say anything different.

  • Dimitri

    He wouldn’t say anything else. He is most likely hiding the fact that many will not get the 8 / 8+ as the X is coming and to be honest i rather get the 7+ JB or Matte Black over the 8+. Wireless charging isnt something i use with my S8+ anyways.

    The X will be the true to tell to be honest. With a price tag of $799 on a 2yr term ( Premium +) and a $999 on a regular Premium plan its hard to swallow that price tag. Also the low / shortage of X devices might make it worse ( even if its made up by Apple)

    • Omar

      Exactly, he says the opposite and Apples stock takes a hit.