Apple Watch Series 3 is now available in Canada


  • Dimitri

    Yes. Spend all that money for one carrier to have it working, the other one not giving any time frame and the other third carrier telling its customers it will get the watch and service next year. ( Rogers).

    Why would I spend $519 + taxes on a watch that the battery dies within an hour talk time and dies within couple of hours? CNET reviews and some other reviews said the same thing. If I am spending that much money on a LTE untethered watch from ur phone, Battery life is a must and must be longer.

    • ciderrules

      Because according to the majority of reviews it’s the best smartwatch in the world?

      Or should I take your word over theirs?

    • Dimitri

      Welcome back!

      No one told u to take my word over theirs but indeed the battery life is crap and no one can defend it. One hour of battery life for talk time is nothing. Also most reviews are talking about the batter life not being good as well. Just because u are a Apple fan, doesn’t mean u can hide the truth.

      I don’t care what some pair website says about the watch. Remember they get paid to do the reviews and get the devices for free for that reason. I go by reviews of people that pay their own money for a product and talk about it thay way. Not tech sites that get things for free for it.

    • ciderrules


    • Dimitri

      Nope. Just saying the truth! Don’t like it? Man up and move long! :).

    • ciderrules

      Move along? I’m not the one who dislikes Apple yet spends most of my time in Apple threads letting the world know about it.

    • Dimitri

      Dislikes Apple? Sadly dislike a couple things they do but overall I have owned most of their products which I am also typing on my Air 2 on this.. So BEFORE u assume things, troll someone else.

      I noticed you do the same on 9to5mac and other pages u visit. Cut the crap and move along if u don’t like someone’s post. Simple if you have time to sit at home or on ur phone going off on people because of their opinion on a product, then u need a life! If u haven’t noticed I also have made it very clear about other manufacturers about their wrong doings a dislikes. Just seems u miss that every time and only pay attention to articles relating to Apple.

      Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of a product or company. Just like you. If you do not like their opinion, the man up and move along instead of posting back a reply calling people names, arguing with them and just doing whatever you do so you can pass you time. Looking at your post history I noticed alot about this with you.

      Move long.

    • Sam Lambert

      I still don’t get the “man up” part. Are “guys” supposed to ignore criticism and never attempt to challenge another man’s opinion? I’m confused :/

    • Dimitri

      Why don’t you go research on how he acts on everyone’s opinion of any product. Then tell me. He should man up and stop trolling and causing ignorant fights for his own selfish ways.

      If he doesn’t like someone’s post, he doesn’t need to comment on it. Man up and move along like adults do.

    • Suresh Aryal

      You are right. His only objective is farming likes on 9to5mac by insulting people’s opinion and bashing other companies. Also, 9to5mac is a sewer with so many entitled Apple fanboys. You want fair opinions? Visit Android police.

    • Andrew Holt

      CNET is very reputable in it’s reviews. Just because you have the best turd in the world doesn’t change the fact it’s still a turd.

    • southerndinner

      5/10 on iVerge
      “Best smartwatch in the world”


    • Dimitri

      He is a troll. He doesn’t pay attention to anything other then what he wants. As below, i do not see anyone saying that.

      “- TechCrunch
      editor Brian Heater said the Apple Watch Series 3’s cellular
      capabilities are “a bit liberating,” but he didn’t find many scenarios
      where having a standalone connection was particularly useful.

      – The Wall Street Journal columnist Joanna Stern said her Apple Watch
      Series 3’s cellular connection was “unreliable” and “intermittent.”

      Most worryingly, my colleague Geoffrey Fowler and I experienced cellular
      connectivity issues on three separate pre-production models, in two
      different states, on two different 4G LTE carriers.

      On the AT&T-connected models, the cellular connection dropped, calls were often choppy and Siri sometimes failed to connect. On the one that ran on T-Mobile, I experienced several dropped connections.Stern added that “you’re lucky if the battery allows you to roam on cellular for longer than half a day—especially if you’re making calls.”

    • Mr Dog

      It isn’t meant to be a fully standalone device. If you want a fully standalone LTE watch then don’t buy the Apple Watch.

      It is meant for those few instances where you don’t want or forget your phone. Like going for a run for example but still need access to your phone for calls/messages in case.

      An example for me: I was working late, so I went to grab some food quickly. Once back I forgot my phone in the car. However, was parked close enough for it to be connected to WiFi. When someone called me, I answered on my watch. If not for the watch I would have missed every call/message until I realized I did not have my phone on me.

      I was lucky since it connected to WiFi but I would not have to worry about that if I had an LTE watch.

  • gremlin0007

    Man 5$ a month?! I’m surprised they offered something reasonable! Wonder if I’d be able to get and unlocked Gear S3 from the US and use it with those plans.

    • Andrew Holt

      Shouldn’t even have any additional monthly cost to it, seeing as it shares the same number and data you already pay for with your phone plan. I would be ok with a one time activation fee, but that’s about all I would be willing to pay for a feature that I would use for a week until the novelty wore off. The non-LTE version is just as capable, and can do calls when the phone is nearby…why will be 99% of the time.

    • gremlin0007

      Yeah kind of the same thing happened with Samsung Gear s3 last year, but in the States. The LTE version requires an e-Sim activation and connection to the network so I get that there is a fee but honestly if you’re someone with their phone on them all the time, the bluetooth version is enough. You can still make calls and listen to music when your phone is there.

      Only advantage of LTE is if you leave your phone behind…. and frankly, I take my phone with me almost everywhere.