iPhone X Hands-on: Apple’s future is here

iPhone X

Among a flurry of announcements today at Apple’s new Steve Jobs Theatre, located within the company’s new Cupertino-based spaceship-like Apple Park Office, one particular reveal stood out from the rest: the iPhone X.

While many of the eagerly anticipated smartphone’s more specific features leaked over the last few weeks, seeing the iPhone X in-person offers an entirely new perspective on the device.

Make no mistake, if you aren’t afraid of the smartphone’s expensive $1,319 CAD starting price tag, this really is the iPhone for those who have become tired of iterative iPhone updates.

This may sound crazy to some, but when you actually have the iPhone X in your hand, that price almost feels worth it — more so than even the Note 8, my current favourite smartphone. Still, even after writing the above statement, the iPhone X’s astronomical price tag lingers in the back of my mind.

Welcome to the new era

iPhone X

The X is a stellar looking smartphone with a stainless steel band running around its frame — this is almost a throwback to the iPhone 3GS — and a sizeable 5.8-inch OLED display that is actually bezel-less, unlike Samsung’s claims with its ‘Infinity Display.’ As a side note, hopefully the iPhone X’s stainless steel band doesn’t scratch horribly like the iPhone 3GS’.

To its credit, the recently released Essential Phone offers a similar screen experience, though Apple’s offering is significantly more vibrant and colourful. Overall, the iPhone X measures in even larger than the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, though its body actually feels smaller because of the edge-to-edge display, evoking the same feeling I had when I first used the Note 8.

iPhone X table

I also found the X’s overall build to be less slippery than the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, which often slid out of my hand. In general, the X evokes a throwback feeling to the original iPhone as well as the iPhone 3GS, which makes sense given the tech giant is presenting the phone as a 10th-anniversary device — nostalgic Apple fans will be pleased to hear this.

The phone’s 1125 x 2436 pixel ‘Super Retina Display’ is equally impressive and matches Samsung in terms of display quality, a first for the iPhone (though the S8 and Note 8 still feature a higher resolution). It’s sharp, colours look vibrant and the device also supports both Dolby Vision and HDR10 high-dynamic range standards, as well as Apple’s TrueTone automatic screen calibration, a surprisingly great feature that was previously only available with the iPad Pro.

iPhone X HDR 10

Apple finally embracing OLED technology, a type of screen that’s found in many competing Android smartphones, is a welcome and long-overdue change for the often slow-moving tech giant.

Bye, bye Home Button and Touch ID

iPhone X

Thanks to the iPhone X’s new edge-to-edge display, the iPhone line’s iconic Home Button is now a thing of the past. While I expect this will likely be a controversial move in the mind of most people, Apple’s contextual Home Button solution seems to work quite well, at least at the outset.

Apple has done a lot of work to make iOS feel natural without a Home Button in terms of basic navigation and moving through apps, but more extensive testing is definitely necessary on my part. I also, unfortunately, wasn’t able to test out Apple’s new Face ID authentication system, the company’s replacement for Touch ID.

iPhone X rear

While what I have seen is admittedly impressive, and, at least on paper, it looks like Apple has done significantly more than Samsung in the facial recognition department, it’s still unclear exactly how well Face ID will work under real-world conditions. What I can say is that watching an Apple representative log in and out of the smartphone with a slight glance at the screen felt simple and intuitive, even under the bright lighting conditions of Apple’s new demo space. More importantly, however, it felt like the future.

Face ID is possible because of the iPhone X’s new TrueDepth camera system that’s present in the smartphone’s top notch. This component array features a variety of sensors, including an IR depth camera and a projector that shoots out 30,000 infrared dots in order to map the user’s face. This tech reads your face match and matches it against data stored directly on the phone through a neural processor that’s also located within the device.

iPhone X table

This means that your face isn’t stored in the cloud, avoiding any impending security concerns. Apple claims that the more you use Face ID, the more accurate it becomes, with the TrueDepth system scanning the user’s Face under the different conditions each time they log in.

I need to push Face ID to its limits under less than ideal conditions to know how well it really works, but at least at the outset, Apple’s technological accomplishments in this area are impressive.

Tap to wake

iPhone X

Along with new navigation and a lack of Touch ID, the removal of the home button also leads to new ways to interact with the device. Waking up the iPhone X requires a tap or, more conveniently, users can just pick up the device, which turns on the screen automatically, similar to the Apple Watch.

This is likely a movement that will take awhile to ingrain into some people’s muscle memory and, admittedly, it felt strange the first few times I tried during my brief hands-on with the iPhone X — perhaps this is a shift that will grow on me. Another example is that swiping up no longer opens Control Center anymore and instead now controls how the multitasking menu is launched.

iPhone 10 back

Control Center has also been shifted to a swipe down from the top right edge of the screen, with the notifications shade being located in the top left.

As many predicted, Apple Pay now works differently, too. Users are required to double-click the phone’s larger side button, authenticate their face, and then finally point the phone at the reader. While I still need to try this out in the real-world, the process initially does not feel as streamlined as how Apple Pay is currently used today with Touch ID.

Killer camera

Iphone X camera

As you may have guessed, Apple has also upgraded the camera in the iPhone X as well as the new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

With the X, however, the front camera is more important than the rear one in some sense. The new TrueDepth system allows for the creation of strange animated emoji which Apple is calling the Animoji. While off-putting at first, Animoji are undeniably endearing. The Cupertino-based company has also worked with Snapchat on a variety of ridiculously accurate selfie filters.

iPhone X camera

Portrait mode, a functionality previously confined to the rear of the iPhone 7 Plus, is now available on the X’s front shooter, along with clever new lighting effects that are available both in post and when snapping photos live.

The rear camera in the iPhone X features specs that are roughly identical to the iPhone 8 Plus. It includes a dual lens once again with an f/2.4 and f/1.8 aperture, though this time around, both feature optical image stabilization. This moves the camera in-line with Samsung’s Note 8, the only other smartphone camera to feature a dual-lens with complete optical image stabilization. The camera has also been turned to sit vertically, a move I’m not particularly fond of, though will likely get used to.

Everything else

iPhone X Lighting port no headphone

The other addition to the iPhone X is wireless charging based on the Qi standard, which is an interesting move on Apple’s part since the company rarely embraces open standard.

Apple is obviously far behind Android manufacturers in the wireless charging space, so in some sense, this is just the tech giant playing catch-up. Regardless, it’s still great to see this technology finally hit the iPhone. Apple also claims that the iPhone X’s battery life will measure in two hours longer than the iPhone 7, and that its new A11 Bionic processor is 25 percent faster than the company’s A10 silicone.

And finally, if you thought Apple would backpedal and throw a headphone jack back in the smartphone, you’re wrong; the company is staying the course and the iPhone X does not include a standard 3.55m jack.

Apple’s vision for the future

iPhone X augmented reality

It’s clear the iPhone X is poised to be a controversial device, though the company is positioning the handset as the future of smartphones.

The X is an undeniably stunning looking smartphone and Apple has put a significant amount of thought into reworking its iOS operating system. Whether these changes actually make sense remains to be seen, but what has been shown off so far certainly looks promising.

iPhone X

It’s impossible to render a final verdict on the iPhone X at this point, but regardless of naysayers’ claims, Apple leads the industry when it comes to trend-setting industrial design.

I need to spend significantly more time with Apple’s iPhone X before being able to render a proper judgment, but so far I’m impressed with what I’ve seen — though admittedly, the phone’s expensive price tag in the Canadian market is difficult to swallow.

The iPhone X is set to be available in Space Gray and Silver on November 3rd, with pre-orders starting on October 27th. The base model is priced at $1,319 CAD and includes 64GB of internal storage.


  • Mike Simpson

    Maybe it looks different when you are actually holding the phone but just based on images of the iPhone X, the notch at the top looks daft, particularly for watching videos. Why cut out part of the screen just to make the rest of it cover the entire front? Samsung’s approach might not be truly bezel-less but it looks more elegant. As for Face ID, I’m not sure how I feel about that. I can’t definitely think of times when it would be convenient but I don’t necessarily want my phone to unlock every time I look at it.

    • It’s Me

      Almost completely agree with you here. Not a fan of the cut-out. It’s probably not as much of an issue in real life, but I wish they’d gone a somewhat different route. Either way, I am sure it’s something people will get to used to, to the point of not noticing it after a while.

      FaceID is nice, but I have to assume that TouchID not being there is a concession to not being able to get the in-glass sensor working on time. At that point, they had a choice: go with an inferior option of putting it on the back for the sake of small bezels or remove it and rely on faceID only. Neither is ideal. I can’t imagine, for example, that using it in a drive through at night in a dark car is going to work great (said the same thing about the Samsung implementation, which by all accounts is crap but the Great Defenders had to disagree). And fumbling with a backside sensor is just a poor work around. I’ll wait until next year and hope the fix the in-glass sensor.

    • Yup i can guarantee you that the face ID on the samsung is hit and miss..I removed it after trying to use for about a month.

      I’ve said this many times though, Yes apple may introduce features that are already exist on Android but at least apple doesnt rush to be first and takes their time to perfect those features which works 99% of the time. I had issues with the finger print reader for months on my S8 where I had to reboot the phone like 2-3 times a week. I never had any issues when i had the iphone 5S and 6.

    • It’s Me

      The android fantards always thing coming first is a good thing, but they have to live with the disappointment. Probably explains their insecurity and bitterness.

      Whether Apple has perfected faceID remains to be seen. I still prefer front facing finger sensors.

    • Im hoping they’ll add the finger print sensor back once its perfected over the LCD but i dont think apple would re-introduce a feature they once removed. They tend to stick to their guns lol but hey they might surprise us!

    • I don’t see that happening. Apple has put a lot of effort into Face ID and I don’t see the company ever backpedaling on it.

    • I don’t see that happening. Apple has put a lot of effort into Face ID and I don’t see the company ever backpedalng on it.

    • Grumpel

      Yeah Apple has never backpedaled on anything lol.

    • BetelgeuseOrion

      apple just spews BS all day, they said the x contains the most advanced junk they’ve ever made, they didnt make any of that lol, some low res crap screen, dual cameras, face recog, give me a break.

      Apple said oled was crap, now they use it in their flagship model
      apple said the stylus was crap, and now they pair it up with a flagship ipad
      apple said anything smaller than 7″ for tablet was stupid becuase you have to shave your fingers with sandpaper but they have an ipad mini

    • Roy Trenneman

      Steve Jobs 1996 – “We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas” (Triumph of the Nerds 1996)
      Steve Jobs 2011 – “I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this”

      The more things change at Apple, the more they stay the same.

    • George

      you mean like how they’ve put a lot of effort into Touch ID and omitted it for the iPhone X?

    • George

      Apple has always been the only company to think that they innovate and brag about making something everything FIRST, going as far as to making a new name for the old technology (retina display LOL). And now when the narrative doesn’t match, they changed it to say that they implement it better.

      It will be hilarious to come in last AND still have it not work. Oh that happened already with Apple Maps…

    • It’s Me

      A) there’s that strawman/urban myth that Apple claims to be first again. When was the last time you actually remember them doing that (pick an actual case and not a fictional one).
      B) giving a feature a product name is something every company does. Duh.

      You seem to need to make up a lot to laugh at. That’s weird.

    • George

      A) Wasn’t Siri the first voice assistant? How’s that working out?

      B) Oh come on, you’re just downright ignoring the fact that they name every little thing to make it sound like they invented it. Touch ID, Retina Display, Face ID. There’s no need to name EVERY little feature or your ONE product, iPhone… just tell people you have a HD screen, fingerprint reader, and an iris scanner.

      Of course you’ll come back with some nonsense while ignoring the facts and attack my character… as expected…

    • It’s Me

      A) no, they never, ever claimed Siri was the first voice assistant. See, that’s exactly what I mean. Facts don’t matter. You’ve just made something up and then argued that is an example of something else you made up.
      B) Again, that is very, very common. If you haven’t noticed, you haven’t been paying attention. Giving a feature a marketing name helps consumers remember it. Not rocket science here.

      It’s funny you mention nonsense and facts. Your posts are nonsense and you seem to hate facts.

    • George

      as expected… changing the narrative while ignoring the facts and then attacking my character. typical

    • It’s Me

      What facts? You presented not one single fact. Your “facts” were myths that you’ve repeated so much you actually have started to believe them. It’s not attacking your character to say that’s weird.

    • I’ve never really had any issues with Facial Recognition with the S8 or Note 8, but I think what separates Face ID is the security aspect Apple is placing an emphasis on.

    • DroDro

      Are you guys talking about the iris scanner or the old facial recognition from android KitKat?

    • John Lofwire

      Never had a single issue with fingerprint scanner on LG G5 and my G6.

      Iris scanner on S8 ect are pretty good ( as long as you dont wear glass ) its will work 99% of time.

      the issue here is apple removed fingerprint scanner so if for you the face id dont work well well too bad 😉

    • thereasoner

      “apple doesnt rush to be first and takes their time to perfect those features”

      Umm…Apple Maps?, Siri? Pippin?, Newton?, Antenna gate, bend gate…

      Truth is with Apples stack of cash they could easily be both a leader that brings new tech first and perfectionists but they prefer to save their money because it’s much cheaper to tweak other people’s hard work and then call it their own.

    • Smanny

      You forgot their flawless face Id demo on stage.

    • thereasoner

      Missed opportunity for Apple was to place the fingerprint scanner in the Apple logo on the back as another alternative. They could make use of track pad like scrolling and swipe gestures that Google is using.

      It wouldn’t have changed the design of the X, it would add functionality in addition to face id and those who don’t like FP on the back could just treat it like the logo it is if they don’t want to use it.

    • It’s Me

      Maybe. Maybe they saw that as too much of a consession and too hard to come back from once they get it working under the glass as well as before. FaceID is here to stay. Hopefully front facing TouchID will come back. To stick it on the back just to move it back to the front would look worse than removing it and then bringing it back.

    • thereasoner

      It will be interesting to see if they do indeed continue to pursue under the glass FP. They should as it’s still faster and more convenient. Atleast it is on my Pixel where my phone is unlocked and ready to go before I can fully remove it from my pocket using the back FP scanner.

    • Im not a fan of the cut-out either but I’ve seen a demo from MKBHD where you can double tap and it will shrink the screen size a bit…for a better viewing experience lol…I preferred the concept arts that was floating around with a blacked out cut-out when opening apps

      Im really hoping that the finger print will be back once the fingerprint sensor over glass screen is perfected but then again its apple. Once they remove something they stick to their guns

    • thereasoner

      So much for a larger display when you have to shrink the video you’re watching so the notch won’t be in the way.

  • Andrew English

    Not a bad phone but there is nothing super new about it that other phones in its class don’t already have. And I hope Apple got BlackBerry’s permission to use the swipe up gesture to close apps as I know BB did patent that with BB10.

    • Doug_M

      The buttonless swipe up to close or multi-task pre-dates even that. It was first on the Palm Pre’s webOS back in 2009.

    • John Lofwire

      But its blackberry that patented it..

    • rgl168

      If that’s the case, Blackberry is patenting prior art. If that patent gets challenged or reexamined it could be revoked or have the scope reduced.

    • Ipse

      Yeah, there is something super new: DA FRIKKIN PRICE ????

    • Goldfinch

      Wasn’t this a WebOS feature. I had a Palm Pre 2 and HP Pre2 and I know WebOS gestures and cards are way before BB10.

  • Les

    Apple’s future is a bunch of stuff already available on Android? Yikes! Let’s hope the X has more legs than that.

    • AppleBerrySandwich

      The Apple people will buy. My wife’s friend buys every new iPhone when it’s released. So crazy.

    • George

      they have a word for that… I think it was “cult”…

    • rgl168

      I have another… iSheep 🙂

    • I don’t think this is necessarily anything new. Despite Apple’s claims, the company rarely actually invents or substantially innovates. What it does do, is improve upon established technology and I think the iPhone X does this in a number of areas, particularly the display and facial recognition with Face ID.

    • FlamesFan89

      To be fair, I’m betting that most of the improvements to the display are due to Samsung’s R&D in OLED as opposed to Apple’s.

    • Sure, but the screen is still present in the device.

    • FlamesFan89

      If a car manufacturer puts really great tires on a car, do you praise the car manufacturer for improving tires? Or the tire manufacturer, who did all the R&D into rubber compounds, and tire manufacturing processes?

    • It’s Me

      If the car manufacturer paid for specialized R&D and contributed to and directed the research then one might rightly praise both.

    • George

      I agree that both parties should be praised for all the R&D and manufacturing work that you’ve mentioned, but the author has on many occasions given credit only to Apple and bashed Samsung while giving false facts. see the quote below:

      “a sizeable 5.8-inch OLED display that is actually bezel-less, unlike Samsung’s claims with its ‘Infinity Display.’”

      I think everyone can see that the author here is a Apple praising fanboy. Hoping to stay off Apple’s naughty list so he can still get invited to next year’s event.

  • Kyle Tuck

    So, if it’s “actually bezel-less”, what is the clearly visible, fairly thick, black area around the outside of the screen? Integrating a bezel behind the glass doesn’t make something “bezel-less”. I’m sorry, but Apple isn’t even close to “bezel-less” on this device.

    • While true, I’d argue that this is the most ‘bezel-less’ smartphone we’ve seen yet next to the Essential Phone.

    • FlamesFan89

      Why? because it lacks a forehead and chin? Those aren’t the only bezels on a device. The side bezels on the current Samsung devices basically don’t exist. Like… at all. The iPhone X doesn’t have a forehead and chin, but it absolutely has a dated looking thick bezel that runs the entire perimeter of the screen, unless all the images of the phone are simply lying.

    • Les

      Whether it has a bezel or not isn’t important. It is what it is, and customers can tell how much bezel it has by looking.
      What’s more interesting is finding-out if Apple still has the market pull to define the terminology.
      They could have told the world it doesn’t have a bezel a few years back, and we would have believed it. Now, not so much.

      Same thing with the “Retina” display. They used to own the smartphone display lexicon (even though their screen wasn’t miles ahead), but now they are just one of many using an OLED, and theirs isn’t even the highest-specced OLED.

      That doesn’t mean the new iPhones aren’t very good at what they do. They probably are. It’s just that they no longer overshadow the whole smartphone market. I wonder where Apple goes from here; are they content to be the second (or third) best-selling brand of phones, or will they go in a different direction?

    • John Lofwire

      The space that this blackbar around the screen take is bigger than on the S8 , s8+ , note 8 , LG G6 and essential easily. ( the total space )

      I take a chin and a forehead with no side bezel over this supposed bezel less smartphone..

  • AppleBerrySandwich

    $1500 with tax lol. Ya right.

    I guess if you have too much money then sure. For the average person that is an insane amount of $$ for a phone.

  • Danny Account

    OMG the bezel is huge. Looks like a cheap knockoff.

    • John Lofwire

      But its bezel less as the writter said 😉 i guess he dont see that black shiny bezel all around the screen lol.

  • Vault Boy

    So when I watch a movie, part of the video will be cut off because of the front camera?

    • I’ve seen a demo from MKBHD where you can double tap and it will shrink the screen size a bit to fit better the screen while watching a video

    • That’s my understanding of how it’s going to work, though I think most apps will use the notch in interesting ways.

    • Harold Mitchell

      Which, in effect, creates a bezel during video play 🙂

    • Brad Fortin

      Viewing 16:9 content on any 18:9 or 18.5:9 display will always result in bezel-like black bars on the sides, unless you decide to cut off part of the video to fill the whole display. This isn’t new.

  • FlamesFan89

    So, I just watched MKBHD’s video on the iPhone X, and my thoughts are, I’m sure it is a great device. It will run smooth, it will take great photos. Great.

    But a couple things stood out. That notch at the top is ugly as hell. It will look dumb when watching videos or playing full screen games. Maybe people will “get used to it”, but, just like the Moto 360’s flat tire, you shouldn’t have to. It looks dumb, and it is a flat out poor design decision with no discernible user facing gain. It would be a different story if it actually provided the user with some sort of benefit, but it doesn’t, it just creates a problem for full screen content. A problem that didn’t previously exist, and doesn’t need to exist.

    Another thing that stood out, is that for a phone that the company claims is “bezel-less”, those are are fat bezels running all the way around the screen. I can’t honestly be the only person that sees that thick black bezel all the way around. Sure it doesn’t have a forehead or chin, but it still has bezels.

    At the end of the day, this phone doesn’t seem to live up to the hype. Again, I am sure it is a great device, but there is no “wow” factor here. Nothing that hasn’t been done before. Even if Apple’s implementation is many times better than what has been done before, it still all feels like old news. I was honestly hoping to see something actually revolutionary, like the entire screen working as a fingerprint sensor, or something like that. Instead we got motion capture emojis.

    • John Lofwire

      Typical apple they are just playing catch up games..

      At that price i agree its should really be bezel less and have more real innovation.

    • sharphead

      You ever see a teenager on an iphone? Animojis are revolutionary! Look out Samsung! /s

    • anisite

      Teenager with a 1300 $ device? LOL. Are you ok?

    • YankeeJatt

      Allo create emojis based on selfie

  • Omar

    Why not just put the fingerprint censor on the power button, like Sony does? I know removing it completely takes revolutionary innovative courage that only Apple has, but that seems like a more practical option for people. They seem to like removing convenient parts of their products with every iteration, lol.

    The more I see “bezel-less” phones the more I begin to think the idea is impractical. At least for bezels on the top and bottom, side bezels can go… I think the LG/Samsung way of doing it is more functional, but I am sure they aren’t going to stop at slimmed down bezels for next year’s devices.

    • FlamesFan89

      It seems like the same sort of thing as the race for thinness. It can be an improvement to a point. Shrinking the bezels allows you to have a bigger screen in a smaller overall footprint, but at some point you end up with notches out of the top of the display and more accidental screen taps because there is no way to hold the phone without touching the display.

      Just like making a phone thinner is great, so that it fits better in your pocket, is easier to hold and use, up until the point that phones are bending too easily, and you have to sacrifice battery life/size, and have terrible camera bumps, all just to shave an extra tenth of a millimeter off the thickness.

      It is essentially a case of marketing outweighing functionality.

    • Goran Mihajlović

      I’m quite content with the ratio that Samsung has. Their accidental touch algorithms seem fine to me. It’s not to the extreme of the Mi Mix where the camera is moved to the bottom bezel or anything, and it’s still quite usable I find.

      I definitely agree with better to a degree. I think thinness reached its practical limit a few years ago, and am getting really annoyed with some companies going thinner still.

    • Omar

      “It is essentially a case of marketing outweighing functionality.”

      Good post. That line sums it up perfectly. Unfortunately it’s effective marketing, so it won’t end any time soon.

    • Luiz Amaral ★彡

      For the fingerprint question: because “courage”. They remove features and call it innovation.

    • YankeeJatt

      It is not courageous at all, they two other phones to fall back on. courageous would have been if they removed it from all three.

      Apple knows they have fan too much money to burn otherwise there nothing special about this phone. The technology is out for years

      It is just like $1800 apple watch nothing spl

  • Scio

    OK wait!!! I know this topic is concerning the Iphone X but please do we have any new about the offer for former Note 7 owner? Samsung Canada seem to have locked us out.

    • gommer strike

      Whatever methods Samsung used to address the Note 7 issues last year have already been played out. They had provided the options at the time, which was to swap out the Note 7 for an S7, refund you, or even in some stores offer you an iPhone as a replacement.

      A year has passed now. Samsung has moved on.

    • Scio

      what you said is true except that people in the United State has are getting almost $400 off the price for Note 8. Except you are saying that the Note 7 fiasco only happend in the United State

    • gommer strike

      “Note 7 fiasco only happend in the United State” – those are words YOU typed, not me. Look carefully. And it’s United States, have some respect buddy. We all know the Note 7 situation was a world-wide one – why even attempt to insult people’s intelligence here?

      What customers might get in the United States, South Korea, Europe so on and so forth are going to be compensated a little differently compared to Canada. That’s the reality and while I may not be a Samsung fanboy, I think the situation has been dealt with, and it’s time to move on and give Samsung the benefit of the doubt with the Note 8 moving forward.

    • Scio

      That statement was not ment to be insulting what I am simply saying is if the note 7 disaster happened all over the world, why is only the United States getting compensated for coming back to Note 8? They too had the biggest compensation at the time for the return of Note 7. I guess just like the book titled The animal kingdom… “All animals are equal but some are more equal than others” Anyway, I rest my case, I have already ordered the Note 8 regardless of the offer

    • gommer strike

      Well – congratulations on your Note 8 purchase. You’ll be thrilled with the phone.

      On the topic of the Note 7, the US is not the only region who was compensated. Look to South Korea on how their customers were handled. Samsung did everything they could for their people. I understand it’s differently handled for different parts of the world, and it didn’t help matters that ease of handling these issues varied from region to region.

    • Scio

      Lol. Thank you very much.

    • Roy Trenneman

      Actually that was Animal Farm by George Orwell.

    • YankeeJatt

      I talked to samsung few days ago. The CSR told me something is in works and to keep an eye promotions

  • aaron

    It feels like Apple is going back in design and innovation wise after Steve left.

    • Grumpel

      That top bar looks as bad as the Essential Phone.

  • John Lofwire

    What is that black bar all around the screen if its not a Bezel? Seriously its small but its still a Bezel lol.

    • Warren Chang

      It’s more a cut out than a bezel. That being said it’s still a little jarring to me to see it as it intrudes on that section of the screen but it doesn’t bother me since I’m not an Apple user

    • John Lofwire

      For me its still not an edge to edge display 😉

    • Rey

      “a sizeable 5.8-inch OLED display that is actually bezel-less, unlike Samsung’s claims with its ‘Infinity Display.”

      How is this any diff than the S8/S8+. The black border around this thing is more noticeable than the S8+ sitting next time me. With the S8, the curve actually give a more ‘bezel-less’ appearance than this. Neither the iphone or s8 are bezel-less but the s8 IMO looks nicer. I need to see this in person to really compare.

  • jay

    I like it and finally a great display. iPhone 8 720p??? WTF Apple did not sell any iPhone 7 so why would people get the iPhone 8? Maybe should just make two phones. iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone x. The price is oh well another big point

    • Sunny Lee

      Umm… Apple sold more iPhone 7’s than any other iPhone ever. The internet’s a great source for info! Please use it.

    • jay

      You must be an Apple fan. Don’t care how much they sell. People buy trash everywhere so why not the latest iPhone 6 sss

    • Sunny Lee

      What?! LOL.
      You wrote “Apple did not sell any iPhone 7”.
      I replied “Apple sold more iPhone 7’s than any other iPhone ever”.
      How does that make me a fanboy? It doesn’t. You’re just ignoring facts.
      Education is an important thing, please get one.

    • Domino67

      actually the 6 sold more than the 7…..and the 7 sold less than the 6s.

  • Jonathon__Lucas

    Wow, the world has truly gone MAD! $1300 for a phone (I call it “pocket MAC”). I won’t be one of the sheep lining up for this product. $700 would have been overpriced but $1300 is absolutely outrageous!!! My one month old Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra is more than capable for all my needs and the off contract price is $420. My monthly plan with Freedom is $45/mth with 8 gigs…… Even my 2 kids with Apple phones said enough is enough. Next time they’re buying Android phones…. and not Samsung, another overpriced piece of hardware!

  • gommer strike

    “OMG the price the price the price”. Where were all of you when the Note 8’s price was announced?

    OK fine. Yes I know – many of you were saying the same things to that device too. The price was too high. However:

    – iPhones have always been very expensive. “LOL the price” has been a sore point on iPhones for *years*. Yes it’s higher than it’s ever been…or is it? Remember the original iPhone priced at $499? How many of you remember that it was the *on 3-year contract* price? That’s right. That was the contract price. Nobody talked about the unlocked price.

    – Amidst all this hand-wringing and outrage, we all knew the phone was going to be expensive. It was stuff we all knew for months now. And all of a sudden, when it’s confirmed, we lose our minds? We’re better than that guys.

    – You can get a smartphone from China for no more than $100 and it will do most things you want it to do. This is true today, and it’s been true for years. If you are price conscious then high-end smartphones are not an item of interest to you. Point is – here we are, moaning and groaning at the iPhone X’s price when in reality there are phones for every possible market segment…there’s a product for everyone.

    And the iPhone X doesn’t have to be even a consideration. You don’t walk onto the BMW lot on a Toyota budget.

    • Aleph Ruehl

      Exactly this. In 2014 I paid AU 999$ outright for an iP6 at a time when the Oz dollar was around parity with, and occasionally worth more than, the US Dollar. iPhones have always been ‘expensive’ when you’ve opted not to lock yourself into a carrier contract.

    • jroc

      I see your point, but the last time the AUS was on par with the USD was May 2013. When the iPhone 6 came out it was around 0.90/1.00

    • Aleph Ruehl

      It’s a good thing I didn’t say it was ‘on par with’ the USD 😉

    • jroc

      “In 2014 I paid AU 999$ outright for an iP6 at a time when the Oz dollar was around parity with, and occasionally worth more than, the US Dollar”

      I guess 90% could be considered around parity, maybe. But worth more? Nope!

      Doesn’t take away from the main point that it was definitely an expensive device.

    • Aleph Ruehl

      No it doesn’t take away from the main point but using the word ‘around’ was intentional and sufficient to afforded leeway as I wasn’t sure of the exact rate.

    • Kidney Stones

      “We’re better than that” is your justification for overpaying? I’m guessing you use L’oreal makeup too because you’re worth it? And they say marketing doesn’t work!

      p.s. Toyotas are a lot more reliable than BMWs. Was that also part of your analogy?

    • gommer strike

      1) I’m not getting the iPhone X. It’s an ugly phone, not a fan of the notch. Better luck next year Apple.

      2) Unbelievable that I have to state this here. The same way that we don’t have to overpay for consumer electronics holds true at any point in mankind history and continues to hold true today. Remember the iPhone 4 ad that Steve Jobs, in irritation, showed on stage? “If you don’t like the iPhone, don’t buuuuy iiit”. Don’t like it? Don’t buy it. If others do, how does it hurt you in any shape or form?

      Why, are you under some mindset that oh no, since Apple’s overcharging, then it’ll just give every other company a reason to overcharge too? Did you mention Samsung in the equation?

      You can buy a phone from China for less than $200 that will do everything you need it to do. Have you not shopped at banggood, gearbest and other 3rd party sites?

      It’s sad I have to actually point this out. The point of Toyota vs BMW is…ONE…thing(*nods to Vasquez and Hudson). The price. You can a Toyota that’ll take you from point A to point B(and, as you said, more reliably than the BMW, right buddy?). But some customers get the BMW. Am I gotta be that guy who sneers and goes “my toyota more RELIABLE than your BMW nyah nyah nyah and I paid than less HALF!”?

      I’m not that guy, but maybe you are, I don’t know.

  • rPacific

    Apple is betting only on Face ID? If it fails they don’t have a fall back.
    What if identical twins use the phone? how about if you’re in a meeting with you phone on the table and you’re talking one way, and someone picks up your phone and you glance over, does it unlock? Seems a little iffy….I can’t wait for people to start testing it out!

    • Sunny Lee

      We’ll have to wait for the actual device, but if Microsoft Hello is any indication, the identical twins thing is not an issue whatsoever.

      As for the other issue, no it doesn’t unlock. Again, using Hello as a basis (as they use similar technology, but iPhone seems to be using a more advanced IR sensor), looking in a different direction, or simply having something partially blocking your face will not unlock it. But really, what person at a meeting would touch your belongings while you’re in the same room?

    • Julien

      There’s still the good “old and reliable” passcode as a fall back.

    • rPacific

      True, but I sure wouldn’t want to shell out that kind of money to be entering in my passcode when everyone else is doing finger print, iris, etc. Just seems odd that they would put all in on one method, especially when its so new.

    • Cortizone

      New? I was using face recognition on my Nexus 4 years ago.

    • Julien

      With depth sensing technology?

    • Cortizone

      How the @%#$ would I know. It just used to work. That was in 2012.

    • Julien

      True but that’s why, for the time being, there is still the iPhone 8 and 8+ with almost the same tech as the X, cheaper etc… It would not be the first time Apple use this strategy to update their lineup while the tech matures and the price falls: when the MacBook Air first came out the “old” MacBook was still on sale. Same with the new MacBook: the Air is still there.

  • Jonathon__Lucas

    The 256 gigs version of the iPhone X is $1526 CDN??? Better get “Apple Care”, because if you drop it you’ll be sorry….. now add HST in Ontario……. Bring $2000, you might get change back to buy some burgers & fries? Good Luck, LOL.

    • jroc

      If you bring $2,000 you’ll be a bit short.


    • Jonathon__Lucas

      yes, you’re right. I re-did the math……above. More insane than insane…… ridiculous!

  • Khai

    Evolution rather than revolution. Gone are revolutionary days of Steve J.

    • kenvin100

      IMO, the evolutionary race of Android and Apple were never close. Android has always come first-but Apple annihilates all in marketing. They make people believe it’s a first. Smart. Good time to buy Apple stock.

  • Kidney Stones

    It’s only $1526, but they didn’t include fast charging, it’s only fast-charging capable!

    If you actually want fast charging, you need to buy the adapter ($75) and the USB C to Lighting cable for $35. Nice huh!

    Bend over and lube up!

  • Brad Fortin


    Apple finally embracing OLED technology, a type of screen that’s [found] in many competing Android smartphones

  • HP

    $1,717 all-in for 256gb iPhone X here in Ontario. Ouch, nice phone but that is getting crazy.

    • Smanny

      Everyone is forgetting Apple Care which is $250 added on to that price. Plus if you want fast charging, then you have to buy another charger and cable for the iPhone X, which is almost another $100 added on.

    • HP

      Accessories are part of the game with any phone but I do agree, prices just keep adding to the pile

    • Domino67

      Grab them ankles and iLube.

  • Techguru86

    So They basically made a S8+ and Adding in BB10 into the OS? Real innovation Apple lol

  • jay

    nobody knows anything about the iphone X. no ram, battery or photo samples. we really have to see how everything works.

  • JD

    Hmm… Samsung has used facial recognition for about a half a decade now-Amoled for about a decade, Lg has been using tap to wake for about half a decade now… Looks just like the Essential phone…

    But hey, everything is cutting edge and first to market according to Iphoney’s 🙂

  • Get Help ????️ ????

    How far inside the RDF do you have to be to think that is an edge to edge display? (bezelless) Or that the phone has a nice design and looks good? Serious it is hideous. That notch is fugly.

  • Steve Rodrigue

    It’s a Ferrari… Lots of bling-bling and over-the-top stuff that no one really needs.

    Will it sells? Of course!
    Is it necessary? Not!

    Consumers don’t buy with their brains, they fell for the marketing bla-bla… Apple knows it. Now Apple done it, it opens the way to Samsung and others to do the same…

    Selling overpriced devices with HUGH profit margin to consumers who don’t need this stuff but can afford to… and even if thy can’t afford, they’ll just use their credit card and/or subsidies to buy the latest and the greatest…

    They need the greatest to post on Facebook or Instagram. 😉

  • Alex

    do i pay rent… or do i buy the iphone x…. hmm…..

  • Jonathon__Lucas

    I just did some research in Canadian dollars. 256 gig iPhone X to buy is $1526, Apple Care plus $249, 13%HST(Ontari-owe) $231, Wow, a whopping Grand Total of $2009 Have people lost their collective marbles??? I can buy a nice new Android phone and go on vacation with the difference and have spending money and cash left over! Nuts… Apple has never seen a penny from me and never will.

  • Nick

    Well, this phone is expensive. But I’m glad that Apple is offering the SE, 6s, 7 and 8 as cheaper alternative to the iphone X. I’m looking forward for the next generation iphone SE. The software support for iOS devices is so far so good.

    I would buy the iphone X if it is “Designed in California, Assembled in USA and Canada”. I would be glad to spend $1600 bucks and help other people keep their jobs.

    • jroc

      If it was assembled in the USA/Canada it would be a lot more than $1,600.