SyrupCast Podcast Ep. 135: Note’s return won’t save you from Rogers’ rising prices


  • Christine

    Did Samsung raise price of the note 8 , so that the s8 plus looks more appealing…? The note 8 and s8 plus are basically the same with exception of the spen.. As for what’s the deal with note 7? Will there be an incentive for the people that had note 7? ; on the states you need to trade in a phone.. .. Which isn’t actually a deal…

    • Dimitri

      The Note 8 has a dual camera, 6GB RAM and a S-pen. Plus it’s not curved in the corners. It’s squared BUT that doesn’t mean more money either as it’s a identical copy of the S8+ anyways. The S8+ is more appealing to be honest.

      Well Mobilesyrup screwed up badly there and assumed Samsung Canada said we would get the same thing as the states when they didn’t so we are still waiting for a response from Samsung Canada for what we get and how it works.

  • Salinger

    I miss the Syrupcast videos on YouTube. Wish you guys would bring those back.

    • danakin

      I agree