Rogers increases U.S. Roam Like Home service fee to $6 per day

Fido Roam will also increase to $6 per day while traveling in the U.S.

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Roam Like Home, Rogers’ daily wireless roaming service, is about to get more expensive.

Starting today, Canada’s largest carrier will charge subscribers who use the service in the United States $6 per day. That’s an increase of $1 from the previous rate.

Rogers customers currently traveling in the U.S. will see the new fee reflected on their next monthly bill if their billing cycle resets on or after September 22nd.

Rogers does not currently plan to increase international Roam Like Home fees. For the time being, those will remain $10 per day, up to a maximum of $100 per billing cycle. The international version of Roam Like Home is available in more than 100 destinations across the world.

Despite the increase, Rogers will continue to cap Roam Like Home service fees to a maximum of 10 days. As a result, however, roaming in the U.S. will cost $60 per billing cycle, instead of $50 per billing cycle.

Flanker brand Fido will also increase the cost of its U.S. Fido Roam service offering to $6 per day to match parent Rogers.

“Since we introduced the service, customers are using it more and more and we believe this service continues to offer great value with the ease, convenience, and predictability customers expect,” said a Rogers spokesperson when asked to comment on the increase.

While a modest increase overall, the additional dollar does mean Roam Like Home loses some of its luster. Rogers’ daily roaming is still more affordable than competing offerings from the other big two Canadian carriers. Telus, for instance, charges subscribers traveling in the U.S. $7 per day to use its Easy Roam service. That said, Videotron’s Daily Traveller Pass is now similarly priced at $6 per day while traveling in the U.S.

The increase comes after Rogers recently upped its data overage fees to $70 per gigabyte. The company also just increased its connection fee from $20 to $25.