Tesla to start delivering Cybertrucks to ‘select customers’ in November

Production will be ramped up in 2024

Tesla will start delivering its often-delayed Cybertruck to select customers in late November.

The automobile maker shared the development as part of its Q3, 2023 shareholder update.

Earlier this month, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also claimed that Tesla’s Cybertruck “will start shipping by the end of the year at the earliest,” with roughly 200 vehicles to be delivered this year before ramping up production in 2024.

Tesla first announced the Cybertruck in 2019, and it was scheduled to enter production in late 2021. The super-hyped truck faced delays supposedly due to battery shortages. Subsequently, in August 2021, Tesla CEO Elon Musk delayed the vehicle to sometime in 2022 before pushing it to January during a Q4 earnings call. Several delays later, during Tesla’s Q4 2022 earnings call, Musk said that production of the vehicle would begin in some capacity in the summer of 2023. However, Tesla would only be able to initiate mass production in 2024.

Additionally, the company is reportedly redesigning the vehicle’s electrical architecture to support an 800-volt standard, which is double the voltage of its existing Tesla lineup, as shared by Engadget. This would allow the Cybertruck to charge faster and handle more power without overheating.

Earlier this year, it was also revealed that the pickup truck will be the first of its kind to offer both a spacious cabin and a generous cargo space in a compact size. The company reports that the Cybertruck will be the first sub-19 ft. truck that can fit into a garage and still have four doors and a bed over six feet long.

However, Musk warned that the Cybertruck still faces “enormous challenges” in reaching volume production and profitability, given the vehicle’s unique design. “This is normal for when you’ve got a product with a lot of new technology, or any brand new vehicle program — but especially one that is as different and advanced as the Cyber Truck,” he said. “It is going to require work to reach planned production and be cash-flow positive, at a price that people can afford.”

It’s also worth noting that when the truck was first revealed in 2019, Tesla quoted a $39,900 USD (roughly $54,400 CAD at the time) price tag for the vehicle. During a Tesla shareholder’s meeting last August, Musk said that “a lot has changed” since then, and the Cybertruck’s price and specifications will shift.

Image credit: Tesla

Source: Tesla