Threads’ web version is now available to everyone

Right now, Threads is only available as a smartphone app.

Update 27/08/2024: The web version of threads is now available to all users at this link.

Threads, Meta’s competitor to X (Twitter), will get a web version this week, according to sources interviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

Threads was released as an app in early July and boasted 30 million users on launch day. In a few days, it had 100 million users. It was dubbed the “Twitter Killer” by some. Elon Musk sent Mark Zuckerberg a cease-and-desist, but that hasn’t stopped Threads yet.

Despite Threads’ impressive early numbers, it was lacking a lot of functionality that X (Twitter) already had. This may be what led to Threads losing more than half its users shortly after launch. Since then, Meta has added (or plans to add):

The most prominent missing feature that has not yet been fixed is a web version. You can only use Threads by downloading it from your preferred app store. Earlier this month, we got confirmation a web app was coming. Now, The Wall Street Journal reports it will arrive in the next week.

It’s hard to speculate about whether Threads will actually manage to replace X (Twitter) as a short-form text platform. At the same time, it’s easy to see why having a web version would go a long way towards putting the two on an even playing field.

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Source: The Wall Street Journal Via: Engadget