Instagram head confirms work on a Threads desktop version

The Threads team is already using an early version of it, but Mosseri says it still needs work

Meta’s Threads app got a bunch of updates this week, and now Instagram head Adam Mosseri confirmed work is underway on a desktop web version.

Responding to a request for a desktop version from tech and culture journalist Taylor Lorenz, Mosseri said that the Threads team has been using an early version of the desktop web interface for “a week or two,” but warned it still needs work before it launches for everyone.


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That’s good news for Threads fans and the many people stuck using Twitter X waiting for a decent alternative. Threads, at least so far, seems to be the Twitter-killer with the most potential for success. That said, its not really apt to call it a Twitter-killer when Elon Musk already killed it to create X.

While having Threads on desktop would be nice, for me, the main thing Threads would need to fully replace Twitter for me is a viable TweetDeck alternative. TweetDeck is an excellent tool for monitoring real-time news which, for someone like me, is invaluable. But with TweetDeck on shaky ground and eventually set to become a paid feature, I’m hoping someone else will finally replace it.

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