SWIFT projects bring internet connectivity to hundreds of Ontario homes

HuronTel, Tuckersmith Communications and EH!tel Networks worked on the projects

Five newly completed projects through Southwestern Integrated Fibre Technology (SWIFT) have brought internet access to 1,770 homes and businesses in the Ontario counties of Bruce and Huron.

SWIFT is a non-profit project under the Western Ontario Wardens’ Caucus. Under SWIFT’s Southwestern broadband expansion plan, EH!tel Networks completed work on a 66-kilometre high-speed network in Bruce County. The project will benefit 1,050 homes and businesses.

Telecom provider HuronTel completed work in Huron County to benefit 480 locations. Tuckersmith Communications has constructed a 62-kilometre fibre-optic network to benefit 240 locations in the community of Porter’s Hill.

“With the completion of these high-speed projects in Huron and Bruce counties, the newly established broadband infrastructure is now providing more residents with access to digital resources and online services, while also creating greater economic opportunities for local businesses,” Barry Field, the executive director of SWIFT, said.

Alongside SWIFT, the private sector and the governments of Canada and Ontario have committed to a $30.8 million partnership. The money will bring high-speed internet access to 7,720 homes and businesses in Bruce and Huron Counties.

SWIFT has funded various projects throughout Ontario, including in Oxford County and Brant County.

Image credit: Shutterstock

Source: SWIFT