Tesla’s new ‘Charge on Solar’ feature looks to save money and the environment

The feature is currently only available in North America with no solar export constraints

In an attempt to drive interest in its home solar system, Tesla has released ‘Charge on Solar, a feature that allows surplus energy produced by its solar panel system to be utilized to charge users’ vehicles.

Vehicles eligible to use the new feature include the Model 3, Model X, Model S and Model Y with software ‘version 2023.26’ or higher. That means that Model S (2012-2020) or Model X (2015-2020) vehicles will not be functional with the new functionality.

Additionally, the Tesla app at ‘version 4.22.5 ‘or higher and a Powerwall with solar on-site and software ‘version 23.12.10′ or higher are also required.

To use Charge on Solar, users need to open the app, select their vehicle and tap on the new ‘Charge on Solar’ button. From there, you can set a charge limit and specific charge locations.

The app also includes a ‘sun slider,’ which allows the vehicle to charge from any energy source. Vehicles will charge from both solar and the grid when the charge level is below the left sun slider. When charge levels pass the sun slider, the vehicle will charge on excess solar exclusively.

Users can use the pre-existing ‘Scheduled Charging’ feature to charge their vehicles for a specific time. Further, Powerwall modes such as Backup Reserve, Self-Powered and Time-Based Control all look to increase optimization for Tesla’s solar powering.

The current functionality is only available in Canada and the United States.

Further information about Charge on Solar can be found here.

Image credit: Tesla

Source: Tesla Via: Tesla North