Modder adds online multiplayer to Tetris on the Game Boy

People continue to do wild things with the Game Boy

Tetris multiplayer

Between bringing Christopher Nolan’s Tenet to the Game Boy Advance or turning a Wii into a Game Boy, modders have done some fascinating things with Nintendo’s family of Game Boy handhelds.

Now, a modder named Stacksmashing has brought online multiplayer to Tetris on the original Game Boy.

To do this, Stacksmashing has used a USB adapter sporting Raspberry Pi Pico, which can connect to the Game Boy’s link port to add wireless functionality. He also had to create an open-source software stack with a Python server and WebUSB frontend.

The adapter also supports the Game Boy Color, Game Boy Pocket and Game Boy Advance.

All in all, it’s a pretty neat project. You can see Stacksmashing’s full video explaining his work below: