Here’s how you can schedule text messages to send later on Android

Google Messages has let users schedule messages for a few months, but the feature is somewhat hidden

Last year, Google started rolling out a feature in its Messages app that let users schedule texts to send at a later time.

Although it’s been fully rolled out since February 2021, not many people know about the feature since it’s somewhat hidden. So, we thought we’d put together a little guide on how to schedule messages on Android.

First up, you’ll need Google Messages installed — you can download it for free from the Play Store if you don’t have it.

Once you’ve got the app installed and set-up, here’s how it works:

  1. Open Messages and start a new chat or enter an existing one.
  2. Type a message you want to send, but don’t hit send yet.
  3. With the typed message still in the text entry field, press-and-hold on the send button.
  4. A pop-up will appear with options to schedule your message.
  5. There are three default options; Later today, Later tonight and Tomorrow. Each has an associated time with it (i.e. 8am).
  6. If none of the preset options work for you, tap ‘Select date and time’ to enter a custom schedule.
  7. Once you’ve set the scheduled time, you should see your message in the text field along with the scheduled delivery time above it. Further, the send button should now show a clock.
  8. Tap send — Messages will show your text in the chat along with a clock icon.
  9. You can tap the clock icon to update the message, send it right away or delete it.
Sending a scheduled message in Google Messages

Steps to send a scheduled message (right-click or long-press on the image to open it in a new tab to see a bigger version).

It doesn’t appear to matter whether you use RCS or SMS, Google Messages can still schedule chats to send at a later time. It’s worth noting, however, that you need to keep your phone on and connected to Wi-Fi or data to send a scheduled message.

If you’re not connected at the time the message is scheduled to go out, your phone won’t send the message.