Motorola says Android 11 will come to 23 devices in ‘coming months’

While it's good to see Motorola update this many phones, it's disappointing the process took this long

Motorola has detailed which phones will get the Android 11 update. While the list is long at 23 different devices, it may still be a long wait until any of them actually get the update.

According to a Motorola blog post, the following Motorola, Moto and Lenovo devices will get an Android 11 update (note, only some of these phones are in Canada, we’ve marked those in red):

The Motorola blog post also links to this online tool for checking when your device will receive the update.

While it’s great to see Motorola committing to updates for so many devices, the speed at which these updates will arrive leaves much to be desired. As 9to5Google points out, this announcement comes nearly four months after Android 11 first became available. To make that even worse, Motorola’s announcement isn’t that updates are arriving now, but instead that they are “coming soon.” It also adds a stipulation that updates depend on partner support as well.

All this means that many users may not see these updates for some time — some could even be months away. Considering Motorola used to be one of the better manufacturers when it came to update speed, this is really disappointing.

Finally, it’s worth noting that Motorola didn’t announce any of its own additional features coming with Android 11, so likely the update will just bring what’s new in Android 11 — Bubbles, better notifications and the new power button menu being a few examples.

Source: Motorola Via: 9to5Google