New Philips Hue dimmer switch expected in 2021

There's also a new outdoor light according to this leak

It looks like Philips Hue is gearing up to release a new dimmer switch and outdoor lighting in 2021.

The highlight of the leak is the new dimmer, but it doesn’t have any interesting features. It simply turns your smart lights on and off and can dim them. It can also be pulled off the wall like a tiny light remote similar to the older Hue remote.

The only real change seems to be that the dimming button has been condensed into a single rocker instead of being two buttons, according to HueBlog.

Beyond the new switch, there also appears to be a new outdoor light that shines upwards. The leaked image calls this setup the Hue Wave Linear. Each light measures 78cm wide, 5cm tall and 7.6cm deep.

Each light can produce up to 1,400 lumens of brightness, presumably when it’s set to white lighting since it can also change colours like many other Hue products.

These lights appear to be attachable, so you could daisy chain a few of them outside for edge lighting around a path or beside your house. This is much different from the last outdoor Hue light that looked like a tiny lighthouse. 

While it’s exciting to see new Hue products, I’m starting to wonder how long the smart light giant will last as more companies release cheaper lights that do basically the same thing without the need for an expensive hub.

Image source: HueBlog, 9to5Mac

Source: HueBlog, 9to5Mac