Microsoft rolls out Edge update with extension sync and more

The update also brings account switching so users can easily swap between work and personal accounts

A new version of Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge browser is rolling out with several new features, including extension syncing.

The update comes just after the company’s annual Build developer conference, which looked quite different this year due to COVID-19. Microsoft announced several features making their way to Edge at Build, some of which turned up in this update.

However, the most exciting new feature is extension sync, something that the company has promised for some time in its browser. Edge version 83.0.478.37 will allow users to sync extensions so they don’t have to manually re-install them when they set up Edge on a new computer.

Along with extension sync, the new update includes the ability to exclude some cookies from being cleared when Edge closes. If you typically browse with the option to clear cookies on exit, but want to stay logged in on some websites, this will be a welcome addition. Edge’s Collections feature also got a quality-of-life improvement that will let users drag-and-drop content from websites into a collection.

Finally, the browser can prompt users to switch accounts when they try to log into a website that needs specific work or school credentials. This feature was first shown off at Build and should make Edge more usable for people who balance work or school with personal data on their laptops.

These changes are just a few of the new improvements. You can view the full list of updates to Edge here.

While extension sync is certainly welcome, Edge’s sync options are still limited compared to the competition. Edge still lacks full history and tab sync, features offered by the competition.

Additionally, The Verge notes that Microsoft will adopt a progressive rollout for Edge updates that will take place over several days. Extending the update period should allow the company to catch any bugs that pop-up from an update. It also means if you don’t see the update right away, it should arrive in the next few days.

Source: Microsoft Via: The Verge