Northwestel to continue waiving overage fees for some customers until June 30

The same measures implemented in the recent months will apply in June

Northwestel will continue waiving internet data overage fees until the end of June amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The carrier lifted data caps in some areas from March to May due to increased usage during the pandemic. Among these communities is Yellowknife, Whitehorse, Carcross, Fort Smith and Normal Wells. This will now continue through June.

Residents who get satellite DSL service, which is internet delivered through phone lines, in Nunavut had their usage caps double. Customers using DSL service in the Northwest Territories and Yukon had their caps increased by 50 percent.

Areas that are on terrestrial DSL were given an extra 100GB of data per month. A spokesperson from Northwestel told the CBCthat all of these measures will be extended until June 30th. The extension is still subject to CRTC approval.

Northwestel has previously noted that customers do not need to take action to receive its temporary benefits, as they will be automatically applied to customers’ accounts.

Rogers, Bell and Telus are all also going to continue removing internet data caps until June 30th.

Source: CBC News