Northwestel to continue waiving overage fees for residential internet customers until May 31

The CRTC still has to approve the change

Northwestel is going to continue to waive overage fees for residential internet customers until May 31st.

The carrier notes that the change is subject to CRTC approval. Northwestel is the only internet service provider in the country that has to have its services looked over and approved by the CRTC before making any changes because it holds a dominant position in the North.

“The same relief measures for March and April will apply, based on whether you are on a cable Internet, dsl Internet or satellite Internet package. We have set different relief for these different technologies to ensure our networks remain within their capacity,” Northwestel stated in a press release.

Northwestel notes that customers don’t have to take any action to receive this temporary benefit, as it will be automatically applied to every customer’s account.

Rogers, Bell and Telus are all also going to continue removing internet data caps until June 30th.

Source: Northwestel