Mario Kart Tour downloaded 123.9 million times in September

Unfortunately for Nintendo, downloads don't equate to revenue

Mario Kart Tour

Nintendo’s Mario Kart Tour, the Japanese gaming giant’s latest mobile effort, amassed 123.9 million downloads across the App Store and the Google Play Store, according to app analytics firm Sensor Tower.

This makes the mobile take on the iconic kart racing franchise Nintendo’s most downloaded title yet in terms of its first month of availability.

In comparison, Super Mario Run was downloaded 21.8 times, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp was downloaded 19.1 million times, Fire Emblem Heroes was downloaded 9.7 million times, Dr. Mario World was downloaded 7.4 million times and Dragalia Lost hit 1.6 million downloads — all in their first month.

Mario Kart Tour

Revenue-wise, though, Mario Kart Tour only earned $37.4 million USD (approximately $48 million CAD), with Fire Emblem Heroes earnings double that number in its launch month, coming to $67.6 million USD (about $88.3 million CAD). This averages out to roughly $0.26 (about $0.34 CAD) per player, which is above Dr. Mario World’s $0.19 (approximately $0.25 CAD) per player but under Dragalia Lost’s $16.50 (about $21.57 CAD) per player.

It seems the backlash stemming from Mario Kart Tour‘s rampant microtransactions has hindered the game’s earnings, at least in its first month.

While I initially thought Mario Kart Tour was a decent mobile take on the series, once I discovered the game is single-player only, I decided I was done with the title.

Mario Kart Tour features a fake matchmaking system and pulls usernames from other player profiles, all to convince players they’re racing against real opponents.

As always, take Sensor Tower’s analytics with a grain of salt as there is no way to verify their accuracy.

Source: Sensor Tower