New leaked images provide our best look yet at the Samsung Galaxy S8

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Showing no intention of slowing down, leaks of the Galaxy S8 continue to make their way online at a torrid pace.

The latest S8 leak, courtesy of Twitter user Ice Universe, includes new images that confirm a lot of what we’ve heard about the upcoming device.

front of Galaxy S8 smartphone

Specifically, these shots give us a good look at the S8’s curved display and thin bezels. Also notice that there’s no fingerprint scanner on the front of the device.

This set of images doesn’t include a shot of the S8’s rear, but past photos indicate Samsung has moved the fingerprint sensor to the back of the device.

Galaxy S8 USB-C port and headphone jack

Another of the photos confirms the S8 will ship with a USB-C port, as well as a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

A recent report from the Korean Herald indicates Samsung will release a short video teaser featuring the S8 at its Mobile World Congress briefing on February 26th.

Having looked at the images, what do you think of the S8? Does Samsung have a winner on its hands?