Leaked Samsung Galaxy S8 rendering confirms rear-mounted fingerprint sensor


  • I’m not an electronics engineer, but can tell the position of the fingerprint scanner will make the camera cover smudged. So either the design was a rejected design or likely will change.
    From the ergonomics point of view, the fingerprint scanner should be in front, but there is no space left on the front of the device.

    • Rev0lver

      Having used both a front and back fingerprint scanner, I prefer having it on the back. But to each their own.

    • ciderrules

      On the back is terrible for mobile payments. Your hand is in the way of getting your phone close up to the terminal for tapping. Also terrible for Apps that might ask for fingerprint to authorize. Now you have to move your hand that was interacting with the front of the phone (screen) and place it on the rear to scan your finger before bringing it back to the front to again start using your device.

    • Rev0lver

      My experience has been different from yours. I prefer the back. I use the scanner for just unlocking the phone 99.9% of the time. So it’s more convenient for me having it in back the vast, vast majority of the time.

    • FlamesFan89

      presumably, when doing something like making a payment, or using an app, you are holding the phone with one hand or the other behind the phone. I’m not sure I’ve seen someone use a phone where both hands are in front of the phone. So, under the assumption that at least one hand is behind the phone while using it (if it isn’t sitting on a desk or something), and, knowing that you can register more than one finger to the fingerprint scanner, it is pretty safe to assume, that under any usage scenario other than the phone sitting on a desk or table, you will have a finger at the ready to be scanned.

      Or maybe every person on the planet is just holding their phones wrong. 😉

  • Kalen G

    I don’t mind a back-facing fingerprint scanner but who really thought their fingers tend to rest beside the camera? That’s awkward. Below the camera makes far more sense.

    • I think they put it there for engineering reasons (eg it was slightly cheaper to have the camera/flash/fingerprint module integrated into one). And now, instead of saying they did it because they wanted to save $0.12 per device, they’re giving some bs argument about ergonomics.

  • h2oflyer

    This doesn’t match the leaked case pictures….they couldn’t put it under the camera as that space will be used for the over sized battery. LOL

  • heynow00

    I love the finger print scanner on the Nexus 6p.

  • h2oflyer

    Based on the measurements shown in the picture this looks like a 5.6 in diagonal measured screen. Overall height measurement on right hand is wrong and is probably on purpose to mask how tall this phone is going to be.

    • Sequoia46.2

      Yeah the height seems off because it’s only 2mm taller than the original Moto X which was compact with a 4.7″ screen.

  • Sequoia46.2

    Seems like the camera will constantly be covered in fingerprints.

  • DroDro

    At work or at home, I always have my phone laying flat on the table. It’s so much easier for me to unlock the phone and check notifications if the fingerprint sensor is in the front.

    • I don’t know if it’s an option for you, but I use smart unlock at work and home (and a few other locations).

    • Shogun

      Yes but your fingers automatically go the back of the device as you hold upon picking it up so really the backside sensor makes far more sense. Otherwise you can double tap the screen from the front to check notifications.

    • AJ

      I believe double tap to wake is only with LG.

    • neo905

      HTC has it and Nexus 6P has the hardware to but Google didn’t enable it but guys on custom ROM’s have. That’s one feature I wish all phones would have. Then having the fingerprint on the back would be less of an issue.

    • thereasoner

      My Pixel has it as well now. Didn’t it come to the 6p in an update or is that still forthcoming?

    • neo905

      Well. Google said it would come in an update but I doubt that at this point since they want more Pixels sold and their efforts are there now. I would have to root it to get it working and my tinkering days are over.

    • thereasoner

      Apparently there is a beta of 7.1.2 available for those enrolled in the program. The 6p is eligible to participate and is scheduled for this final Android 7 build. Perhaps this is where double tap to wake comes for the 6p.

    • thereasoner

      It was Motorola who first used it I believe but others, including my Pixel have it now as well.

    • AJ

      Exactly, I do the same. That way I don’t have to take the phone in my hand to quickly go through and dismiss the notifications.

      I would even say that I don’t use Fingerprint unlock because of security reasons but because its the easiest way to unlock the screen.

    • thereasoner

      You can check notifications without unlocking with a double tap on the screen and if you can’t roll it over for some reason then the pin can still be used. Point is that you can still leave the phone face up on a table/desk if you want but there’s no getting around the fact that a back FP sensor is easier and more natural to reach in hand.

      I have my Pixel phone unlocked before I can even fully remove it from my pocket, I can do both simultaneously because the sensor is where I naturally grip the phone. I found that very awkward to do with my Galaxy S6, same with mobile payments, the back is just better . Personally, I hope that OEMs do both the in screen FP sensor as well as placing one on the back for when that is more convenient, best of both worlds.

  • KiwiBri

    so you’re saying right handed users, will use their left hand to hold the phone so their *left* hand index finger will be used to unlock????

  • G-Money41

    Am I doing the math wrong? Shouldn’t the screen diagonal measurement be 146.7?

    Also, the screen height and the device height can’t be identical. Even with small 4-5mm bezels on the top and bottom, we’re looking at a 141mm device height – which is still great for a 5.6-5.7″ device!

  • neo905

    The placement is awful. I thought companies in 2017 had the technology to embed it inside the screen? Qualcomm already talked about this like 2 years ago.

    • thereasoner

      Apparently it is coming but I hope that you can use any spot on the screen to do so or that one location will always be more smudged up than the rest of the screen. If not then I hope that the back FP sensors remain regardless for when that is more convenient to use.

    • neo905

      It was the whole screen. That was what was so promising about it.

    • thereasoner

      That would be cool.

  • Galaxy

    The Bezels seem to large.

  • Carlos

    Do we know if the GS8 will be able to use the new LTE Band 66 AWS-3?