Bell goes live with BlackBerry Q10 pre-registrations


  • RIP Steve J.

    “We’re gambling on our vision, and we would rather do that than make “me too” products. Let some other companies do that. For us, it’s always the next dream.”

    • REDRUM


  • Dan S

    I have the Z10 bought it out right. I’m looking forward to the keyboard version. I miss my Bold 9900 keyboard.

  • Phil

    If you are BB fan, chances are you got used to the keyboard. In that context, it makes sense to wait for the Q10.

    • hoo dat

      I’ve had 5 BlackBerrys with physical keyboards but decided to make the plunge for the Z10 for a couple of reasons:

      1) To get the most out of the BB10 OS I genuinely believe you need the larger screen real estate and ratio, and;

      2) Once you adapt to the Z10’s VK and you get used to “flicking” words into your sentences you can type at least as fast as on a PK.

      I was one of those people who used to claim there was no alternative to a PK, but I’m glad I took the risk with the Z10. Having said that, I can see why people would want to go for a Q10.

  • iphoneeeeeeeeee

    iBerry iBlackberry iQ10

    • Canuckdian

      Can’t wait for the Apple tards to accuse the Q10 of ripping off the iPhone! HEY THEY STOLE OUR KEYBOA… Wait, what…

      “iQ10” What the F#@K is that!?!? LOL

      On the other hand, Mr iPhoneeeeeeee may be just predicting Apple’s rip-off product names to jump on the BlackBerry bandwagon. They probably would call a phone the iBerry or some other mindless unnovative name.

  • Consumer Choice

    I hope the resolution on the smaller screen is much higher that the 9900. I personally love the physical keyboards and I’m hoping that the Q10 is a win.

    • je

      It’s 720×720.

  • Plazmic Flame

    Looking forward to the keyboard version of a BlackBerry 10 device but not looking forward to a 3.1 inch screen…

    • bbsoldier

      good thing you have the option of a touch screen or keypad device. unless you want a phone with a physical keyboard and a 4.2″ screen ? some people are never satisfied.

    • Stupid

      Yes actually..

      I want a 4.3″ screen with no bezel and a horizontal slide out 4 row keyboard that is 8mm thick, less than 140g and has one to two day battery life.
      Oh yes.. and a camera that takes good pictures.

      Anyone care to make it?

  • sunvv

    The Q10 has the physical call/end/bb menu keys removed. Is this meant we should press “call icon” on the screen to make a call after entering numbers using keyboard? or the “enter” key will do?

    I used to use the hard call button on bb phone, just have no clue about this new baby.

  • Happyboy

    Dear BlackBerry keyboards are so out of date.

  • Alex



  • Johnz

    Yawn. Could we have some actually interesting stories and news for a change? There’s a lot of really cool stuff going on and up and coming in mobile tech for Canadians that could be written about, but yet all we get is boring crap about an almost bankrupt company (bb) and talks about products and software that’s going on a year (or more) old. That stuff isn’t news. It’s really not.

    What about new mobile tech? Stuff from ces to be introduced this year? Stories about how one can get unlimited talk/text/data for around $10 a month off contract? Hmm?

  • jay

    499 $ and will order one but that won’t happen. Good try blackberry but you need to adjust the price to the market.

    Please blackberry get the price right otherwise only fanboyz will buy it.