BlackBerry Q10 launching “in the April time frame” (Video)


  • Kid.Canada

    Why this late though? I don’t get it.

    • Raid

      They had to optimize the phone for the 720 x 720 screen. They were mainly putting their workforce towards optimizing BB10’s interface on the 1280 x 768. To give the user the same seamless experience, they need to shuffle around the interface a bit and make some tweaks to make it fully compatible with the lesser resolution and an always-on keyboard.


      DOA, why they did not release a phone with an s-pen and a large screen just to compete with the phablet market, who uses the plastic keyboard any more?

    • Brad F

      why late? cause blackberry is always late lol

    • til-bar

      @Raid, you’re clearly a BB supporter and optimistic about their chances. I too am hopeful.

      But, for BB to prove they have the stones to compete in the smartphone space, they had to launch with both devices. They should not need more time to optimize for the resolution, yada yada. There is very little margin for error.

      If 6 months from this is the story: product shortages, US launch of z10 was delayed, Playbook still doesn’t have BB10, Q10 was delayed and has limited availability, no software updates to fix launch-day bugs. If that scenario plays out, they’re in trouble. Their track record suggests many of those things will occur.



      THANK YOU!

    • Raid


      I’m not saying that what they’re doing is right. The fact that both devices didn’t release at the same time is sort of a let down. I agree with you. They should have released both at the same time no doubt. I’m simply stating why it was delayed. I had the opportunity to see the pre-build where they simply slapped the Z10 software onto the Q10 and it wasn’t pretty. What you saw at the launch event was a product that was much more polished than that, but still need a few things worked out here and there which will take time. Remember that this is a completely new OS built from ground up so naturally, things will take a bit longer than expected at least for the first while.

      The US launch of the Z10 is clearly a carrier issue. You saw how soon they were able to release the phone in the UK market because they got the go from Orange and everyone else faster than they did from US or even Canadian carriers. The phones were done and were ready to ship.

      The BB10 software was optimized to run on a minimum of 2GB RAM. Since the Playbook has 1GB of RAM, they need to redo some of the code in order to make it more suitable for the specs of current gen playbooks for not only ram, but screen resolution, no NFC capabilities, and no cellular antenna as well.

      Trust me when I say that BB today is nothing like RIM of 2011. In the last year, we witnessed a very careful restructuring of the company where they leaned up and optimized their resources to meet deadlines and push better products. The hard part is over. Now it’s just a matter of time.

    • StephenBB81

      @til-bar I’m a BlackBerry supporter, clearly, but also understand marketing and product management. RIM needed to get BlackBerry 10 RIGHT out the door which meant focusing on a single Product, the touchscreen, it is no secret that touchscreen phones have the consumer fancy at the moment and for BlackBerry10 to see the largest adoption rates a touchscreen must be launched.

      Form a Marketing Standpoint the BlackBerryZ10 is being pushed and focused on, no confused messages, THIS is BlackBerry10, users like myself who love mobile devices will buy the Z10, yes I want the Q10, and BOY was it amazing in hand, but I have been showing my Z10 around this past week and many users both keyboard and not are going to buy it. if they want a Keyboard device, they’ll buy that too. RIM makes more sales, and has 2 clear marketing plans, the Q10 picking up just as the Z10 dies down, which should be 4-6 weeks post launch.

      The Z10 Launch in the US was not a RIM delay, nor was Skype not being on the Platform at Launch, RIM is ready, it is the partners that aren’t pulling the trigger.

    • Canuckdian

      It’s called Marketing. Something that companies spend a lot of money and time on. I’m guessing you’re the type of person who blows his load all at once. Although you may enjoy yourself, the other party most likely will not. Unless they’re used to being let down and think it’s normal – not unlike the Apple fan boys.

      It’s called a strategic release schedule where various models of a product line are released in a staggered fashion to take advantage of product launch hype on more than one occasion, as well as letting the 1st release build up discussion and hype in preparation for later launches (seeding the market).

      And it was a no-brainer to launch the Z10 first, being the new all-touch phone that was to appeal to the every-day user. BlackBerry well knew that the die-hard fans waiting for the Q10 weren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

  • jess

    Worth the wait for many. Im excited to see what this brings for sales for Blackberry, i still am convinced it will do very well.

    • Brad F

      I don’t like to blow goats. /sarcasm

  • Anonymous

    That launch time frame doesn’t make sense to me. The majority of BB users are keyboard lovers. They expected the Q10 to launch with the Z10 and were disappointed. Then to find out it will launch months later and to have other devices announced in that span such as the Galaxy S4, BlackBerry might lose a few more customers.

    • Raid

      That won’t matter because the ones who are waiting for this phone want a premium phone with a physical QWERTY keyboard. S4 won’t be offering that so there’s no need to worry.

    • Anonymous

      I wouldn’t count on that. I was a BB loyalist for 6 years and gave up in September 2012. I was using a P’9981 at the time and went to an S3. I could no longer wait for BB10 and even though I have a Z10 now, I still can’t switch to using it as a daily over my S3.

      Although this is my personal preference, I’m positive others have had/will have the same experience.

    • Brad F

      ya cause no one has switch to iphone/galaxy from blackberry /sarcasm. it is exactly that type of thinking that has gotten blackberry to this spot.

      “oh no worries guys, no one will switch to an all touch phone because they love keyboards”

      tell that to the 90% market share that apple/samsung has.

    • Brad F

      I don’t like to blow goats. /sarcasm

    • sp

      so you must be either from the UK or lying..

      how do you have a Z10 right now?

    • pacalis

      @Raid, everything you say makes sense except for “a premium phone with a physical keyboard.”

    • StephenBB81

      If they are Keyboard Customers, the SG4 wont pull them away any more than the Z10 could. If you’re willing to play the All touch game and you’ve loved your BlackBerry, the Z10 fits, else you keep waiting as you’re used to. since only RIM really puts out quality Keyboard devices

  • Raid

    Honestly, at first I wasn’t too fond of how this phone looks but it’s really starting to grow on me. Definitely getting the Z10 this week sometime but I might consider this for my wife.

  • Brennan

    That phone is very, very ugly.

    Still hope BB does well, but I just can’t get around how that phone looks…

  • Lloyd Lemons

    I’ve been waiting for the new arrivals since last year. I couldn’t wait any longer and bought an Android. I think BB has shot itself in the foot by having the big splash announcement in January, with no availability till April. I feel like I’ve been teased. It just seems like a poor strategy for a company trying to reestablish credibility in the consumer’s mind.

    • pacalis

      Flawless launch. Just as promised.

  • herpaderpblacksheep

    Baaaaaa Baaaa Baaaaaaaa

    Can they survive that long is the question. No new low-end Blackberries until later this year. Their financial situation will soon be critical.

  • Ka-ra-te Master, The Fifth Dan

    which phone is easier to use on the toilet?

    keyboard or touch screen?

    most of my smartphone usage occurs when i’m sitting on the can with my phone in one hand and my tim hortons double double in the other

    ive never had a BB keyboard before, any insights??

  • Kevin

    I was going to wait but I think I will pick up a Z10 tomorrow and give the touch screen a try. If it sucks I will sell it and grab one of these in the spring.

  • Gusto

    Blackberry 9000.3

  • trelarah

    BlackBerry is releasing their Q10, the same time Samsung and others are releasing nextgen smartphones… how is it BlackBerry is still somehow a year late? Yes, my Gov’t employer will be buying their phones, as will other businesses… but the rest of the public I imagine won’t overly want to buy a smartphone with 1yr old specs. Just my opinion, hope I’m wrong for BlackBerry’s sake.

    • sp

      again… the specs you are so concerned about is only really necessary for the Android line.
      (i mean my god lagging while im typing a text message)

      even then.. the S3 released in Canada was still a dual core. the odds the quad core is coming here is very slim.

      so trying to compare different OS’s with the needs of the OS you use is basically moot.

  • Miknitro

    I understand possible delays, but this seems as over looked as something windows would do.

    Get it out there BB!

  • wotzit2ya

    “Q10 coming sometime around the “April timeframe.”

    BB forgot to mention which year .

  • Alen

    The cicrle jerk for BB10 on this site is ridiculous. The company has already dropped the ball on releasing a keyboard phone…really people. They have delayed this for over a year and they still don’t have their s**t together. Please name one thing this system brings to the table and how it excells in something that iOS or Andorid doesn’t do already.
    …I get that there’s a bit of a Android fanbase here but this bs I see about BB has gotten ot of control. At least Windows8 died down quickly once people realized it was going nowhere. Buying something because it’s “Canadian” is the stupidest reasoning anyone could have to buy this DOA OS.

    • placator

      And when you lose your livelihood because your job is outsourced overseas you’ll see just how stupid it was NOT to buy Canadian.

    • Joe Jim Bob the third

      The biggest circle jerk around here is the anti-RIM trolls such as yourself. People who are seemingly unable to comprehend why someone might like something different than they do.

      “OhMfG, you use a device I don’t? WHat the hel1 is wrong with you? F@g!.!11!one11” <—- This is what you sound like.

    • Sgt.Romanov

      You must be the leader of the iphone circle jerk , Apple stock down $8 already today What has Apple done with the iphone recently ??? ….nothing

    • herpaderpblacksheep

      Baaaaa, you’re wrong Alen for thinking Windows has gone nowhere.

      Baaaaa, placator, yet another sheep here. You think RIM actually cares about keeping jobs in Canada? Baaaaaaa. Tell that to the thousands of RIM employees that were fired over the years, because Jim Ballsack and that gigantic fat a*s Laziridibidiasiasasas were too greedy and also too ignorant to keep RIM competitive with iOS and Android.

    • Alen

      @ placator –
      It’s called globilization. Like technology it’s changing the world. I assume from your comment that you are not wearing anything made in China and you’re covred in beaver pelts? Or that out of pinciple you never eat coconuts or figs because their not grown here? Protectionism is another word for ignorance. Make a awesome product and you’ll be successful.
      Oh yeah and while we’re on it I guess we just turn a blind eye with the “Made in Mexico” line on the BB boxes right?

    • StephenBB81

      Hmmm Things BlackBerry 10 does out of the gate better than iOS or Android.
      First – Inline sent/received emails, This is my biggest peeve on iOS, they actually have a setting to BCC yourself on all sent emails so you can search/manage your inbox from the single screen, but that is a TERRIBLE way to do it, BlackBerry does it beautifully both OS7 and BB10.

      Secondly Calendar Integration, again BlackBerry integrated their Calendar into HUB, the HUB functionality of BlackBerry10 puts it head and shoulders above iOS and Android if your primary usage is communications, I’ve been using the Z10 along side my iPhone4S for this past week, and the more you use BlackBerry10, the more you notice the iPhone lacks, ( I must admit I did LOVE the SGnote2 when I had it, just too large, and needs better office365 connectivity )

      Third is the “Remind Me” function that is built into BlackBerry10 basically a product/project managers wet dream tied into the phone.

      I spoke with the YellowPages developers, they are crazy excited about BlackBerry10 because it offers deep integration that they could only dream of on iOS, and that is very difficult to achieve on Android. There is a lot to love about BlackBerry10 if people forget that it has the name BlackBerry and just try and use it.
      If you’re an App junky college kid, with a social circle of your mom and sister. the BlackBerryZ10 probably wont make you as happy as a Note2, but that isn’t their target demographic.

  • Brad F is a Jack a s s

    Will the real Brad F please stand up?

  • Joe Jim Bob the third

    Judging by Brad F’s picture, he’s one of those Jersey Shore Oompa Loompa D0uche types.

  • Brad F

    dont even know how i have this picture

    • Brad F is a Jack a s s

      @Brad F

      Are you a soccer mom, grandparent, or a small child? Do you have difficulty using a TV remote? If so, then you are clearly Apple’s target audience.

  • Joe Jim Bob the third

    Need I say more?

  • Ka-ra-te Master, The Fifth Dan

    ey yo filipina commo stace? you got the bee bee emm?

  • Alen

    @Joe Jim Bob the third – I’m not “anti-RIM” but I vote with my wallet and they ahve not shown me anything new. I’m still waiting to see a response on what seperates them from the other OSs?

    And this:“OhMfG, you use a device I don’t? WHat the hel1 is wrong with you? F@g!.!11!one11″ <—- This is what you sound like." is just immature.

    Also for Sgt.Romanov – I'm not a Apple guy myself. They make things easy and look pretty. I understand their place in the market. I hope Win8 doesn't die but we'll have to see something else out of MS before it really picks up steam.

    I'm an Andorid person myself. I like to half-a*s open approach that Google has been pulling off. Everything works with my usage. I use to own a iOS and BB device but I left because the products felt stale for me. Jumping ship on a first gen device from a company that has not made me or most of the major online review blogs widen their eyes is where my viewpoint is based.
    …again post something any BB and now I hate Canadian jobs and not placing blind faith in a company that's been nothing but fail for 3+ years makes me a hater?

    • herpaderpblacksheep

      Don’t waste your time on these cracksheep. Disappointing though that you’re sheepishly sticking to Android. Windows has great potential.

  • BIll Murray

    i love it, but we all know everyone is still going to buy the iphone…

  • Joe Jim Bob the third


    It was immature, that was the damn point you child.

    You say things, they are stupid and make no sense. Don’t get the device if you don’t want it. Why mock and attempt to slam those who choose to buy something you don’t like? You are acting like some wannabe financial analyst with something to gain, instead of just a dumb regular consumer the same as everyone else.

    As you say, it’s called globalization, and tons of people outside of North America use blackberry and will continue to do so(as well as purchase the new device). Regardless of your half assed FUD pushing attempts.

  • Teflon

    If you’re going to get a blackberry just get z 10. Once you get use to it you won’t want the physical keyboard anyway. I think that’s what blackberry is banking on. It more than likely costs them more money to manufacture the physical keyboard. Why do you think all the other top end phones do not have that type of keyboard. Welcome to the future everybody.

  • anjew

    @teflon i was able to type entire messages on my BB with no mistakes without even looking at the screen. i cant say that about touchscreen keyboards YET.

    the keyboards have undergone numerous refinements. the bold 9900 and newer models have the best iteration of the BB keyboard. I believe BB has extensive patents on their keyboard, can someone chime in on this?