Quick look at the BlackBerry Q10 (Video)


  • Disgusting

    One word — DISGUSTING!!!!!!!

    • Z house

      So thats your name? Disgusting?

    • No Firm Date…Again!

      BB did a Fantastic job at launching, getting the studios, the apps, Alicia Keys on time etc etc

      The thing that fails is that the Z10 has average specs with a Premium price for 2013. Almost as if BB thinKs that their phones still carry a premium that people WILL PAY FOR in 2013. Sorry but they are late to the party and Android and iOS are the center of the party.

      The Z10 at $550 is simply too expensive. Price it at $350 to $400 and people might consider to make the jump to the re-engineered- new/olde ecosystem.

      As for the Q10, in a world/year when the flagship phones are 5″ or more; a 3.1″ screen will be considered a budget-phone whether BB likes it or not people won’t pay more than $250-$300 for it. $300 for a 3.1″ phone?? Ouch!

      After the cold reception (stock dropped $30 in three days) BB should cancel the Q10, focus on the Z10 and drop its price to the price to $350- $400 (people will always compare it to the N4, specially now when the N4 is in stock) After all the only users of the Q10 are the segment within the segment of BB that will get a new BB phone. 80% of them will go for the Z10.

    • No Firm Date…Again!

      Now let’s talk about dates:
      BB is supposed to be a global brand, they “launch” everything globally and the Z10 is only avaialable in Cad and the UK??
      Why not indonesia and South Africa?? (their biggest markets now) or what about the US ( the most strategic, albeit one of their smallest ones)
      Then in typical BB fashion there are NO FIRM DATES for the specific markets and on top of that they announce a phone with a 3.1″-screen, as something exciting for “the Spring”

      -We thought that BB was finally going to give FIRM dates, but no! Also: are they aware that the S4 is to be released in April?? this means that the Q10 is DEAD.

      One overpriced phone; one phone that nobody needs; no specific dates for the specific markets; another trademarked phrase “This Spring”; and a launch too close to the S4??

      -I’m actually surprised the stock is still $13! Expect it to drop to $11 by Monday and down from there. Drop the $550 price of the Z10 to $350 -$400 and cancel the Q10 and they might, might make it. otherwise…..


  • Shane

    Sick! Bring to Butthead!

  • Brian

    A quick look is all you need to realize this device is never going to make it very far. Sorry RIM, you’re done.

    • wotzit2ya

      You’re right RIM is done , since it’s called Blackberry now .

  • Rim must be nervous

    just got back from there launch event. it was nice free boos. i honestly gotta say the z10 is absolutely terrible. the douche bag tries so hard to hype up features i have seen since 2010. the phone steals so many outer elements from the iphone its not even funny. it was very laggy and buggy. the Q10 seems much better built and more thought went into it. the android apps are also gingerbread looking. not trying to bash rim but the z10 is massively overpriced. i will applaud them for event flo rida performed and they gave away phones which seemed rigged cause groups of friends were winning z10. some packy git got arrested for trying to steal 3 z10. that was amusing. all in all great launch event. i recommend waiting till spring for the Q10. Full touch is not rimss forte.

  • phone guy

    for personal use
    i don’t know if i want to give up my Nexus 4 for a Q10
    Android has serve me well so far
    it does everything that i want plus extra features

    as for business use
    i think Blackberry should really worry about Windows phone
    Windows phone does give IT way more control over their device comparing to BB
    and it is also more user friendly too

  • xenrobia

    Trolls, trolls and more trolls. Give it up guys, your tired old iOS and Android are all washed up.

    • phone guy

      @xenrobia: why would you even compare old iOS & Android? does any new release devices still running on 2 years old firmwares?
      Don’t get me wrong, the new BB looks not bad but the problem is, buyer always go for the BEST when it comes to buying a phone and BB are worth for the premium price

    • Jon

      Don’t feed the trolls.

    • KL

      Haha it’s so true, the trolls are working overtime today (probably because they’re unemployed and have nothing else to do but sit in their parents basements).

      Poor trolls, you lot must feel threaten.

    • No Firm Date…Again!

      If you call TROLLS: the media, for calling on the mid level specs of the phone, the smallish battery and the OVERPRICED-Z10, or how the stock markets are punishing BB for a lack of FIRM DATES for the release of the Z10; or for how much they want(not) the Q10 then I have news for you:

      This is a TROLL, TROLL, world!

  • Miknitro

    Yeah amazing amount of trolls out against BB10.
    Tis a sign among others, they’re not confident and nervous an should be treated with heated nickels via slingshot.

  • GrapeApe

    junk status

    • GrapeApe

      Troll trying to piggy-back on my Nickname.

      Your terse un-informed comment proves you to be a lesser copy.

  • phone guy

    WTF “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

  • Greg Le Grand

    Really terrible video. Didn’t even get a good look at the so-called “gorgeous 3D glass” back. You usually do so much better

  • Teflon

    What a huge waste. People need to get over the physical keyboard. Give up half your screen for a less efficient keyboard. Thats crazy!

  • Brad

    I like this phone, doesn’t really bother me that the screen is 3″.

  • coppel

    Gotta say that as a Canadian I really really want to see Blackberry succeed. OK so Apple and Android are untouchable for now. But it would still be nice to be a solid number three and ninja-kick Nokia/Windows.

    My concern is that Blackberry, the company, is just plain too small to compete with these much bigger players when it comes to pumping out good products fast. Heck even the Playbook might not have been a bust if they had actually cranked out a solid update after a few months and not just let the poor thing languish there forever.

    The Z10 looks to be a solid phone. Many here have pointed out the specs down’t quite lift it up to the top tier of “flagship phone”. I guess I agree with that but what concerns me more is the likelihood that little Blackberry will take too long to update it (hardware and software).

    Oh Blackberry please prove me wrong and pump out the updates/upgrades.

    I’d like to buy one – the heart says yes.

    (Q10 looks to be a nice one for the keyboard guys)

  • Taylor Series

    Will pick up this phone as long as it doesnt release too far from now.

    Fan of the physical keyboards, always makes typing an enjoyable experience.

  • jonny

    I am just waiting a little longer for the stock to drop a bit more before i buy a whole bunch! what a steal! BB is not going anywhere. Once people realize that, the stock price will go up quite a bit. They will never be a dominant player, but there is at least a 15% market share for them.

  • jonny

    As android (google) tries to control me more and more, i am disliking google and android less and less. i dont want all google products linked and tracked. all i want is email. i want to be able to use google and youtube without the google overlord watching my every move.

    i may consider trying out blackbery next year if google does not change their evil overlord ways.

    BTW, i was the biggest google fan until very recently. its gotten to the point where they are now creepy and invading my privacy. i no longer trust them.

    • Tom

      You don’t actually give any evidence or say what your issue is, so I’ll guess – the most common complaints are about Google selling/stealing/leaking people’s data and it 100% made up. Twitter, Netflix, FB – they all do those things, but Google never has.

      Google sure ain’t perfect – 4.2 was way too buggy – but all they use your data for is personalizing ads, and they are one of the few companies I would trust with my data.

      Are maybe you are just another troll – this thread is crawling with them.

  • Donald

    @Jonny Completely agree. I’ve had an android for 3 years now and when I started I loved Google. I thought they were an awesome company giving away free things but in the last year my opinion of them has changed drastically. (started seeing things differently around the time g+ came out)

    Google is the largest spyware company on the planet. Everything they do is to entice you to send data to their servers. Why does g+ exist? Facebook wouldn’t give them access to your social circles. They have free reign over the rest of the net though. I remember they released an update to google maps that let you have a history of directions you have done from web and app, except when the feature was first live my history was already full. They were already saving my driving directions and linking them to my name for months if not more. They gave me the “

  • Donald

    Fun android glitch posted it…

    They gave me the “Opportunity” to access some of the data they had saved on me. Why on earth would they have that data, and more importantly, have that data linked to me? It’s sick. I can’t trust them at all and they do it with all of their services. Just constant data mining and analysis.

    That’s why I hope blackberry does well. They are the only cell phone OS maker that isn’t highly invested in the exploitation of your personal information. apple: remember Korea gps tracking? What else are they storing and sending? The gps log was only found because it was a plain text file. microsoft: I just don’t trust them. I know they don’t do it at the same level of Google but they’ve done shady things in the past (maybe they are okay wrt personal data).

    BlackBerry on the other hand is all about encryption and making it so not even they can see your doings.

    • Tom

      @Donald (are you Jonny?)
      Just because some immature iOS and Android fans come in here and troll the BB thread, doesn’t mean you should turn around and start making stuff up about Google. Every Android phone I’ve had has asked for permission to track my location and the default has been off. Google has handled my location data with the utmost care and transparency.

      If that was all a transparent fraud, and you seem to allege, I’m sure there would be tons of article about it – people watch Google very closely for that sort of thing. So, where are the articles?

    • Tom

      I should add, though, that while I question your specific assertion, I agree with your general analysis (so I guess I shouldn’t accuse you of being a troll – I take that back).

      Google collects information about people to better personalize ads – that’s their business. If that makes you uncomfortable then, yes, you should go with BB.

  • Blinker

    Q10 is a well built phone, Blackberry is taking a chapter from Apple, I would buy this phone as an alertnative phone.

  • Mike

    This is exactly the same as the BB 9900, all they did was slap in BB 10 software into it and say its now the Q10. And it took RIM 2 years just to slap in BB 10 software into a BB 9900 so laughable LMAO, no wonder RIMS Stock dropped so low, the market is laughing at RIM releasing an old model with new software put into it. IS this what RIM did with all the unsold BB 9900 devices they couldn’t sell.

  • hahabya

    Bb employees post shxt here again – they actually try to make people believe that what blackberry cannot do is a good thing.

  • Sgt.Romanov

    BB10 will kick a*s thats why everybody is BB bashing they are scared , this is a very secure phone when you do mobile purchasing and banking and company security , governments love this phone for its security this device rocks , Welcome to the world of Blackberry10 the most secure phone in the world

  • sandman10

    Q10, is hot hot hot! Can’t wait to get mine.

  • Jason

    wow it looks like the old one that no one wants. my favorite comment was the lady on CNN that said “this phone would have been good a year ago” lol BlackBerry is done.

  • Tom

    The ecosystem is much less important for cars. It will be very hard for BB to remain a niche platform.

    That problem is partially solved by their support for Android apps (a very smart move), but they will need to update that.

    Google is on 4.2, Amazon is on 4.0, but RIM is on 2.3.

  • Darren

    I suppose there are still a lot of business users who still require / prefer a hardware keyboard. Odd square aspect ratio is the only issue that I can see. Not sure whey they just didn’t make it slightly taller and go for a 4:3 screen ratio. Maybe a slider a la the sweet BB Blade concept coming (depending on overall BB10 sales)?

  • andy

    I do find there is quite a bit of lag. For blackberry this is make or break time and I feel they should have came to the table with all guns blazing. To come out with a mediocre device that is up to par with the mid range android devices as far as speed is concerned is alarming to me. People want things now… Imagine that device with 30 or 40 more apps installed on it and a bunch of pictures. It will be frustrating to say the least. I hope they figure it out soon that to stay ahead of the game they must have cutting edge specs to go along with their software. I know it was heavily optimized to avoid this but I just don’t see it. My 2 cents

  • heyhey

    This is the first time I’ve come to MobileSyrup but man, these are some low quality comments. Like the one that claimed RIMM stock went down $30 (when the price was only like $17)

    I’ve never seen such a high percentage of downvoted comments on a blog before

  • Mike

    Can’t wait, I preordered mine. Blackberry Z10 is a real phone with excellent multitasking capabilities.