Google Chrome beta for Android updated with synced passwords and experimental data compression mode

Google Chrome beta for Android has been updated to version 26.0.1410.26, and has brought some interesting new features with it.

Most notably, users can now sync passwords and autofill data between desktop clients running the same version of Chrome. If you use the browser to store passwords (which we don’t necessarily recommend), fields should start automatically filling in over the next few days.

Another cool feature is not enabled by default, but it introduces data compression into the mix. Google co-developed a new protocol called SPDY which is ” supported by Chrome, Firefox and Opera, and is also the basis for the forthcoming HTTP/2.0 standard being developed in the IETF.” It allows multiple requests to be made over a single TCP stream, decreasing response times and increasing throughput. The long and short is that, with SPDY enabled, users can expect between 23-50% increase in data loading speeds and lower bandwidth usage, since the SPDY Proxy intercepts HTTP data and compresses it appropriately.

To enable the feature, head into Chrome beta and type in “chrome://flags” and select Enable Data Compression Proxy.

If you want to live on the bleeding edge, download Chrome beta for Android.

Source: Google Developers