Google Chrome beta for Android updated with synced passwords and experimental data compression mode


  • Kriilin Namek

    No thanks, I have no desire to have my traffic go through Google’s infrastructure.

    • aliwhatsit

      it does regardless, android uses google’s DNS

    • bob

      Pro tip if you can use android it already does, if you ever google search it already does…. Hell if you use the internet some it does… Welcome to the modern era

  • Chris

    Sorry too late, I just uninstalled chrome because it seemed too unstable. I found firefox faster and more responsive on my GSII

  • Olender

    The thing I will never understand is why I can’t Exit/Close Chrome directly and/or when I leave the app.

    Maybe I am missing something and someone can fill me in?

  • Tony

    Maybe I will be enticed to use Chrome again on my GS3. The AOSP browser is so much faster and supports Flash but it lacks synchronization.

  • Tom

    Sync’ing between mobile and desktop browsers is a killer feature!

    If you use Android you can get this with both Firefox and Chrome.

  • Netguru

    You don’t need the Beta to try SPDY. SPDY/3 is available on the current Version 25.0.1364.152 m release.

  • Mike

    Spies better.

  • judah

    Odd that they use a phone that cannot run chrome in their graphics.