Daniel Bader


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Hands-on

After five years, Samsung has finally figured out what the Note needs to be: a blank canvas, as accessible and intuitive as the pen and paper it is inspired by….


Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ Hands-on

Building on the success of its most interesting — and most expensive — handset, the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+, besides being a mouthful to say, is probably the company’s most evocative phone to…


LG G4 Vigor Specs, Pricing and Availability

LG just announced its newest smartphone, the LG G4 Vigor. The mid-range device has some decent specs at a good price, but it’s only coming to a handful of Canadian…

Moto Play and Moto X

Moto X Play compared to Moto X (2nd gen)

Let’s skip to the punch: the Moto X Play is in some ways a successor to last year’s Moto X and in other ways a regression. But in lieu of…


Moto G (3rd gen) review

Look to your left. Then to your right. If you’re in a public space, you’re 80% likely to be looking at someone with a smartphone in his or her pocket….


Darren Entwistle returns as Telus CEO

After indicating to the Board of Directors that he is unable to make the geographical move necessary to continue functioning as CEO, Joe Natale will be stepping down as chief executive of…