Samsung Galaxy Note 5 receives update with Gear VR support, app optimization


  • Mike Pappas

    I do not have the “App optimization” section on my battery page after this update.. If there something I need to turn on?

  • Max Fireman

    Can we still root this version? I sure hope so.

    • southerndinner

      Yup. Cf-root worked

    • Max Fireman


  • Sean-Paul

    Wow…did this update do something to battery optimization?? Cause I gained an extra 5 hours of battery life off a full charge. I wonder if they did something to that horrid cell standby battery drain lol

    • Lucky you! After updating, my battery lost about 4-5 hours of usage! I really hope this levels out after a few charges and a reboot.

  • George

    The only thing available to WIND is just a finger!