Scalado PhotoBeamer for iOS sends photos to any browser-connected screen

Daniel Bader

May 29, 2012 2:14pm

Scalado has been in the news a lot lately for a couple reasons: it is the company behind RIM’s amazing “Rewind” technology in its new BB10 camera app; and it recently introduced an awesome Android photo album app.

Today the Swedish company is launching its first iOS app in the form of PhotoBeamer, a simple and useful tool to share photos from your iPhone or iPad to any browser-connected screen. You initiate a “connection” to the browser by pairing using a QR Code, and if that sounds familiar it’s because it is. Clik, the Canadian company behind Kik Messenger, debuted its phone-to-screen sharing platform using the same pairing idea earlier this year.

Scalado PhotoBeamer costs 99c in the App Store, and promises to provide nearly instantaneous sharing of photos between screen and browser, regardless of connection speed. You can set up presentations for a slide using the provided themes. As TVs and computer increasingly converge, technologies like PhotoBeamer are going to be increasingly useful.

Download Scalado PhotoBeamer from the App Store, and check after the break for one of the most awkward promo videos ever.

Via: Slashgear

  • SAM


    • Stimulator

      One of my personal favourite innovations is the “caps lock” key, and it’s two available modes of operation.

  • OgtheDim

    More poorly acted then awkward. Probably inhouse video of the only young couple in the team.

  • 4G-Speed

    I’ve been able to send my photos and movies to my TV screen for over a year and a half. Is this simply being labelled as new since we can now do it with a browser and it’s iOS?

  • Martin

    I tried it. The website was kid of buggy the first day, but now it works really great. I love the app 🙂