Clik is the future’s remote control


  • Tom

    That sounds great – a smartphone remote that is truly universal!

  • Ryan

    Google already makes a Youtube Remote app. It does exactly this without a QR code, just your google/youtube account.

  • jonny

    What I would like is a phone with IR so it can really be a remote for any device that has a remote.

  • Gus83

    Awesome when your PC is hooked up to a 60″ LED… Now they just need to add streaming ctv, global, citytv, etc.

  • jonnyboy

    what nexus case is that?

  • tweak_four17

    I’d also love to see IR / UHF integration somehow to make a truly universal remote

  • tweak_four17

    Shouldn’t be that difficult for harmony to make N Android and ios app that could WiFi or.Bluetooth to a seperate transmitter

  • tweak_four17

    Nevermind, apparently it already exists as the Harmony Link. Also reviews says its….lacking. too bad .