Official Pixel 7A replacement parts are now available through iFixit

iFixit can guide you through the process of replacing the Pixel 7A's battery, screen, cameras, and more

iFixit, a company that helps consumers repair their technology, is now offering replacement parts for the Pixel 7A. They’re labelled as “genuine,” meaning they come straight from the source. Google partnered with iFixit and has offered parts through its site for more than a year. The Pixel 7A has now joined the ranks, just 3 months after its release.

The “right to repair” has increasingly entered the public consciousness in the last decade. Most of us can’t afford to buy the newest phone when it comes out, so we’re relying on the current model to last a long time. If it breaks down, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s dead for good. Parts can be replaced or cleaned to make them as good as new.

To that end, several major tech companies have partnered with iFixit, including Google, Samsung, and Logitech. Apple has its own spin on the trend by selling repair manuals, tools, and parts to independent shops. The federal government has even considered enshrining Canadians’ right to repair.

If you Google a phone and the words “repairability score,” you’ll find plenty of tech-savvy people. They bust the phone open and take a look at the components, then give it the repairability score based on how easy it is for the average Joe to fix. iFixit offer repairability scores, but they aren’t caught up on the Pixel devices. The most well-known repairability review of the Pixel 7A is by PBKreviews on YouTube, where it earns a 7.5 out of 10.

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So, we know this phone is relatively easy to repair yourself, even if it’s an intimidating prospect. iFixit offers repair guides that should keep you on the right track, including the Pixel 7A. Each guide offers a full list of the parts and tools required (except for those that iFixit can’t provide). It also details how long it may take and the anticipated difficulty of the task.

However, keep in mind that there are certain large parts that iFixit does not stock, like the logic board. You might need more professional help, or you just might need to purchase the part elsewhere.

It’s worth noting that, even though iFixit doesn’t sell Pixel 7A logic boards, it does have a guide detailing how to remove and replace a logic board. Just be sure that you’ve got all the correct pieces; because iFixit doesn’t sell logic boards, a replacement logic board isn’t included in the guide’s list of required parts. Without it, all you can accomplish is taking out the current one and cleaning it.

Source: iFixit Via: The Verge