Google reportedly pushing ads for the Pixel Tablet through the Home app

Some users received a Home app notification that sent them straight to the Pixel Tablet page on the Google Store

Google reportedly sent notifications promoting its new Pixel Tablet through the Google Home app, raising criticism for the company placing ads for its products directly on people’s phones.

Android Police reported on the notifications, which show up like any other Google Home app notification on your phone. However, this one says, “Meet the Google Pixel Tablet.” When tapped, sends users straight to the Pixel Tablet listing on Google’s web store.

Pixel Tablet Home app notification ad. | Image credit: Android Police

The publication reports that the notifications have shown up for people over the last week or two, with reports coming from the U.S. and Europe. Moreover, the notification appeared on all types of phones and reportedly even a Pixel Tablet.

Update August 17th, 2023 at 10:58am ET: MobileSyrup senior reporter Dean Daley received the Pixel Tablet notification on a Pixel device, so it seems Canadians can get the notification after all.

Android Police also notes that the notification comes through the Home app’s ‘Other notifications’ channel. It’s not clear what else the channel is used for, but if you’re concerned about receiving more advertisements from Google, you can mute that channel while still receiving notifications from other parts of the Home app.

Google seems to be the latest to take up advertising in this way, following the steps of other manufacturers like Samsung, Xiaomi, and Apple, all of whom have received various levels of criticism for using devices they already sold to people to push advertisements for other products.

Samsung, perhaps most notoriously, was lambasted by media and users for placing ads throughout various services offered on its phones, including its $1,000+ flagship devices. After criticism, Samsung toned down its on-device advertising.

Google’s advertising here is arguably worse, however. While most manufacturers advertise through devices they made, Google pushed the Pixel Tablet ad through an app that’s installed on tons of devices, including many the company doesn’t make. It’s not clear if any Apple devices received the ad, though the Home app is available for iPhone and iPad.

Unfortunately, this advertising push could be indicative of how the Pixel Tablet is selling. The Tablet isn’t necessarily a bad product, but it does have stiff competition in the tablet space, and Google’s tablet commitment has been lacklustre for years. As such, the $699 price tag for the Pixel Tablet might be tough to swallow for some, especially if they’re worried about whether Google can stick with it long-term.

Source: Android Police