Xbox Game Pass trial shortened less than one month before Starfield

Starfield launches on September 6th

Xbox Game Pass

For years, a key promotional angle for Xbox Game Pass has been the ability to try the service for one month for $1. Naturally, the idea was that the service’s catalogue of hundreds of games would entice people to keep coming back.

In March, Microsoft briefly stopped offering this trial, although it soon brought it back following a Game Pass price increase. Now, however, another change has been made.

As spotted by The Verge, the 30-day trial has been reduced to 14 days on both Xbox Game Pass for console and PC. It’s unclear why the trial period has been cut down, but the timing is certainly curious. Bethesda’s Starfield, arguably the biggest game to ever come to Game Pass on day one, is set to release on Xbox Series X/S and PC on September 6th. It remains to be seen whether further changes will be made in the coming weeks.

For now, we know that a new Game Pass membership called ‘Core’ will launch on September 1st. Core replaces Xbox Live Gold as the base membership required for online play, with a small selection of games on demand available as well.

Via: The Verge