A majority of Canadians are annoyed by autocorrect’s misspellings, survey reveals

Most people aren't talking about ducks

Have you ever sent off a heated text message, filled with an explicit word or two, only to find autocorrect changed the spelling?

Well, you’re not alone.

According to a recent survey from The Mobile Shop, 62 percent of Canadians have found themselves in a similar predicament. This definitely isn’t a position most people like, as nearly 52 percent of Canadians are annoyed by the misspellings autocorrect creates

The results found “were” was the most commonly corrected word, followed by “duck.”

But this annoyance doesn’t mean Canadians find the tool unhelpful. According to the survey results, nearly three in four Canadians find the tool to be useful. A further 52 percent of Canadians use the tool frequently.

However, 66 percent of Canadians believe responsible parties need to update autocorrect to be more accurate. Because, despite what manufacturers think, most people likely aren’t talking about ducks.

The Mobile Shop surveyed 1,501 Canadian adults online between July 21st and 25th, 2023.

Image credit: Shutterstock

Source: The Mobile Shop