Video downloading is now available on X, but for Blue members only

Blue subscribers can download videos by clicking the three-dot button when viewing content in full-screen mode

The social media platform X (previously known as Twitter) is now allowing users subscribed to ‘Blue’ to download videos from the site.

The feature will be eligible as long as the creator of the video allows for the content to be downloaded. As of right now, video downloading is only available for verified users who have paid for X’s Blue subscription service.

X owner Elon Musk confirmed the new addition via a post on his X account. As he explains, the process simply involves clicking on the three-dot button above the desired content when it is in full-screen mode.

Musk also stated that video downloading will be simplified for mobile soon by tapping and holding the desired video on the screen.

This feature looks to bring an end to third-party downloading and inconvenient screen recording as a means to claim content off the platform, at least for paid users.

X seems to be sticking with the trend of providing features for paid users only, as seen in the recent additions of DM restrictions and even allowing users to hide that they did indeed pay for X.

Regardless, the new change brings a feature that users have been requesting long before the platform was known as X.

Hopefully, the feature will find its way to all members sometime in the future, but for now, seamless video downloading belongs to X Blue members only.

Image credit: Shutterstock

Source: @elonmusk