Elon Musk backtracks on Dark Mode-only plan for X (Twitter) after user backlash

R.I.P. to Dim Mode

X app on Google Play

Soon after announcing Twitter’s rebrand to ‘X,’ owner Elon Musk said that he wanted to make ‘Dark Mode’ the default setting for the platform.

At first, Musk announced that X would only have a Dark Mode, saying it’s “better in every way.” Subsequently, he said that users had requested he keep the ‘Light Mode,’ and thus, Light Mode would remain available, though Dark Mode would be made default. Additionally, ‘Dim’ mode would be deleted.

Currently, X offers three background options: ‘Default,’ which is the Light Mode, ‘Dim Mode’ and a ‘Lights Out Mode,’ which is the app’s name for dark mode. Light Mode has a white background with black text, Dim Mode has a dark blue background with white text, and Lights Out Mode has a black background with white text.

Forcing Dark Mode for all users contradicts the accessibility of the platform, especially for those with visual impairments. And Musk listening to users and retaining the Light Mode is a rare W from the world’s richest man.

In other Twitter X-related news, the platform’s updated app with the X branding is live now for Android users, and we presume the iOS app update change shouldn’t be too far behind.

The platform is also likely to offer payment and banking features soon. Read more about it here.

Source: @elonmusk