Ads from popular brands appear on X (Twitter) account run by neo-Nazi group

While the account has since been suspended, the ads showed that hate groups might be monetizing their tweets

X (Twitter) placed ads from USA Today, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and various other brands on a neo-Nazi account.

As reported by Media Matters, the ads appeared on the account run by the National Socialist Network, an Australian neo-Nazi group that calls for violence and terrorism.

While X (formerly known as Twitter) has suspended the account following Media Matters’ July 27th article, the fact that ads appeared on such an account at all shows the platform is allowing hate groups to monetize tweets.

The publication reports the group joined the platform in November 2o22, after Elon Musk purchased the platform. “Elon Musk is a true homie #ElonIsDestroyingTwitter,” the group shared on November 12th.

The account has been verified since July 2023 under the platform’s subscription service, making it eligible to receive a share of ad revenue.

Alibaba, Deloitte, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Discovery, Honeywell, and Showtime were among the more than dozen brands that had their ads displayed on the account in the past week.

Image credit: Shutterstock

Source: Media Matters