Amazon’s new page shows you if any of your past purchases have safety issues

Amazon proactively sends customers emails notifying them about a recall on a product they've bought. However, customers now have a dedicated location to view these communications in one place.

Amazon is launching a new feature that will allow users to have more trust in the products they’ve already bought.

The company has created a personalized alert page where customers can see if any of the items they have purchased on Amazon have been recalled or have safety issues, as shared by The Verge.

The new page is called “Your Recalls and Product Safety Alerts,” and it will make it easier for customers to obtain more information about the recalls and view available refund or return options.

The company says it works closely with manufacturers, brands, and government agencies to ensure the safety of the products sold on its site. In cases where a customer has bought a product that has a recall on it, the company proactively sends them emails to notify them. However, “customers now have a dedicated location to view these communications in one place,” wrote Amazon. 

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) sued Amazon in 2021, alleging that the company failed to report and remove dangerous products from its site, such as hairdryers, hoverboards, and USB cables that could cause fires or injuries. The new feature comes amid growing scrutiny over Amazon’s responsibility for the products sold by third-party sellers on its platform.

Amazon has disputed the CPSC’s claims, saying that it is not a seller but a platform that connects buyers and sellers. With the new page, the e-commerce giant wants to show its transparency and accountability and enhance customer trust and satisfaction.

Source: Amazon Via: The Verge