Spotify Premium plans now cost $1/mo more in Canada

Existing Spotify subscribers have two months before the new price kicks in


Over the last few months, several streaming services have increased prices or introduced new ways to squeeze money out of subscribers. Now Spotify is joining that club, announcing a price hike “starting today.”

In a press release, Spotify said it would increase the cost of its Premium subscription in several countries, including Canada, though it only shared the new U.S. pricing. However, MobileSyrup confirmed that the Canadian increase was $1/mo by comparing the current cost for existing subscribers with the new pricing listed on Spotify’s website. For example, I currently subscribe to a Family plan and pay $15.99/mo, but Spotify Canada lists the Family price at $16.99/mo now. The new pricing is below:

  • Individual — $10.99/mo (previously $9.99/mo)
  • Duo — $14.99/mo (previously $12.99/mo)
  • Family — $16.99/mo (previously $15.99/mo)
    Student — $5.99/mo (previously $4.99/mo)

Spotify says it will start emailing subscribers in the impacted markets about the price change today.

In a FAQ page about the change, Spotify said existing subscribers would have a two-month grace period before their price will go up. However, if they cancel their plan before the end of the grace period, those customers will have to resubscribe at the new, higher price.

Spotify says it’s increasing the price so it can “keep innovating” and “deliver value to fans and artists.”

It’s worth noting that Spotify’s Canadian pricing now matches Apple’s pricing for its music streaming service. Apple increased the cost of Apple Music in October 2022. Similarly, Google upped the cost of YouTube Premium — which includes YouTube Music — in 2022. YouTube Premium costs slightly more than Spotify (even with the increased price) but comes with the added benefit of ad-free YouTube videos alongside music streaming.

Source: Spotify