Philips Hue announces new brightness balance feature and automations

The smart lights will soon include a brightness balancer feature

Signify, the company behind the Philips Hue brand, has announced several new features coming to the Hue app. Giving users more control over their home’s lighting, Hue bridge automation and brightness balance features will soon be accessible.

As revealed by the company, Philips Hue lighting will soon include a brightness balancer feature. Rather than having to control a group of lights within an area of your home, this balancer feature enables users to control the brightness of individual lights. Signify states that this feature serves requests to have more control when watching a movie or listening to music.

Once the feature is available, users can make lights with higher lumens dim lower than lights with lower lumens. Effectively, users can tailor their living space and decide which parts of the room are brighter when syncing lights to the TV, movies, games, or music.

This feature is coming later this year during Q3. It will be available for any Philips Hue Entertainment area.

Signify also announced a new update to the Philips Hue bridge. This update brings further controls over lighting automation triggered by motion sensors. The number of time slots for motion sensors to activate desired lights has increased from two to 10.

This update enables users to further set automation throughout the day, depending on routines and schedules. For instance, users can set a light to shine low light in the morning and get brighter during the afternoon.

The Natural light scene can be one of the 10 time slots users select. This option is able to mimic the sun throughout the day and mirror the light’s relative brightness throughout your home.

This update is arriving later this year in Q3. It will launch as an update to the Bridge and be available to every sensor.

Image credit: Philips Hue

Source: Signify