You can now sync Spotify music with Hue lights from any device

Make your Hue lights dance

Philips Hue + Spotify

Philips Hue smart lights can now link with your Spotify account, allowing you to make the smart lights change in sync with the music playing through any device.

Though the Hue Sync for PC tool turns any audio into a light script, this new feature claims that it features deeper integration that offers a “unique immersive” experience. The new syncing also allows you to play Spotify music from any device and have it sync with your Philips Hue smart lights.

Hue says that its new advanced light script will make lights dance to any song’s beat and react based on the track’s genre and mood. It’s also possible to adjust lights’ brightness, colour palette and intensity.

While Hue says that the feature is rolling out globally, it’s still in early access. This means that you need to navigate to ‘Explore’ in Philips Hue’s latest mobile app and tap on the ‘Philips Hue + Spotify’ button to turn on the feature. You then link your Spotify account with the Hue app.

Given I live in a home filled with Philips Hue lights, I’m pretty hyped for this feature. Unfortunately, it looks like the integration hasn’t rolled out in Canada yet as the Philips Hue + Spotify button isn’t available under my app’s Explore tab.

It’s important to note that this feature only works with colour Philips Hue lights and the second-gen Hue Bridge.

Image credit: Philips Hue 

Source: Philips Hue