Montreal’s Behaviour Interactive unveils next game, Islands of Insight

The game was previously known as "Project S"

Islands of Insight

Montreal’s Behaviour Interactive, Canada’s largest independent developer and the studio behind Dead by Daylight, has unveiled its next game: Islands of Insight. 

Or rather, it’s re-revealed the actual game, which was first announced last year under the title of “Project S.” Developed alongside Lunarch Studios, Islands of Insight is a shared-world puzzle adventure game set in a fantasy realm. This means that you can solve puzzles either alone or with other people. You’ll also be able to explore the world on foot or using wings to glide.

Behaviour made the announcement during the PC Gaming Show on June 11th, although a release date for the game was not confirmed. For now, the developer is encouraging players to wishlist the title on Steam.

Alongside Islands of Insight, Behaviour continues to support its massively popular Dead by Daylight, including through a goofy partnership with actor Nicolas Cage. The studio also released Meet Your Maker, a new first-person shooter, in April.