Public Mobile offering $39/mo 30GB 4G plan

The plan costs $44/mo but drops to $39 with a 90-day subscription

Public Mobile website on a phone.

Telus-owned Public Mobile is back with another surprisingly good deal. Public’s newest plan costs $44/mo and includes 30GB of data, but if you sign up for a 90-day subscription, the price goes down to $39/mo.

Typically, the plan in question includes 15GB of data, but until June 14th, it includes 15GB of bonus data for a 30GB total. Unfortunately, the plan is only at “4G speed” (Public caps 4G speed plans at 100Mbps) instead of the faster 5G speed plans.

Public’s $39/mo 30GB plan as of June 12th, 2023.

Still, you’re saving a decent amount compared to Public’s $65/50GB 5G plan (read: 250Mbps speed cap). That plan costs $55/mo with a 90-day subscription. If you don’t need the extra 150Mbps of download speed, then you’re probably better off saving the $16/mo. Public also normally offers a $50/mo ($45/mo with a 90-day subscription) 4G plan with 30GB of data.

The plan puts Public ahead of most other 4G providers, which are currently offering $39/mo 20GB plans.

Public’s $39/30GB plan also includes unlimited Canada-wide minutes, messaging and international text and picture messaging. It comes with $2.20/mo worth of Public Points as well.

You can check out the offer here.