Former Call of Duty developers’ Deviation Games expands into Canada

The developer is working on a new IP for PlayStation

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Los Angeles-based Deviation Games, a new developer founded by Call of Duty: Black Ops veterans, is expanding into Canada.

In a LinkedIn post first spotted by Push Square, Deviation said it has formed “Deviation Games Canada,” although it didn’t mention exactly where it’s located. Those interested in applying are asked to message one of the Deviation team members.

Following its founding in November 2019, Deviation has been working on a yet-to-be-revealed new IP. Last June, the studio confirmed that it had signed a deal to develop this game exclusively for PlayStation. Otherwise, nothing is known about the title.

Deviation isn’t the only Canadian studio with ties to Call of Duty. Apex Legends developer Respawn, the Los Angeles-based developer founded by members of the original Modern Warfare team, opened a Vancouver office in 2020. As well, Activision-owned Beenox, which is based in Quebec City, is a support studio on each annual Call of Duty.

Image credit: Activision

Via: Push Square