Magnetized cement might be the future of EV charging

A lot of work is still needed to get the technology ready for the real world

A new partnership between the German company Magment and the Indiana Department of Transportation aims to use magnetized cement to charge electric vehicles (EVs) as they drive on regular roads.

The two parties are also working with Purdue University and received funding from the National Science Foundation in the United States.

The first step is to take the cement into the lab and see how well it works before applying it to a section of test track to understand better how it responds in a real-world scenario. If all this lives up to expectations, then the state will start testing it on real roads.

The magnetic cement can apparently deliver power with up to 95 percent efficiency and doesn’t cost more than regular cement to install into streets.

In 2021 this idea seems a little far-fetched, but we need a breakthrough in EV charging to help people adopt the new cleaner car standard as fast as possible.

This isn’t the only road-based charging plan in motion either. For example, the UK is testing under-road wireless charging. 

Source: Magment Via: Engadget