Google Meet to get refreshed UI and several new features soon

You'll be able to hide your own video feed soon

Google Meet is getting a refreshed UI with improvements to video feeds and several new features next month.

“Starting next month, when viewing and sharing content with any group of people, you’ll have more space to see the content and others’ video feeds through our refreshed new look and improved ability to pin and unpin content,” Google outlined in a blog post.

The search giant notes that users will be able to pin multiple tiles to customize what they want to focus on. You’ll also be able to resize, reposition or hide your own video feed.

Further, Google Meet will roll out a ‘Data Saver’ feature that limits data usage on mobile networks so users can save on data costs.

Google’s also bringing it low-light mode from Meet on mobile to its web platform. The feature uses AI to automatically adjust your video to make you more visible if you’re in a dark room. It will also adjust your video if there’s too much light behind you.

“In addition, we’re introducing another feature powered by AI called Autozoom, which helps others see you more clearly by zooming in and positioning you squarely in front of your camera,” Google notes.

Lastly, the search giant is bringing video backgrounds to mobile and web. It notes that users will be able to choose from a classroom, a party and a forest, with more options coming soon.

Source: Google