Apple’s new iMac features power adapter with built-in ethernet port

The power cord attaches to the iMac magnetically

Apple announced a revamped 24-inch iMac at its ‘Spring Loaded’ event that combines the company’s M1 silicon, macOS Big Sur and fresh new colours.

The machines also come with a new power connector that attaches to the iMac magnetically. Additionally, it features a two-meter colour-matched woven cable that leads to a small power adapter that includes an ethernet slot. Though not a significant design change, shifting the ethernet port to the power brick could help some people hide unsightly ethernet cables a little better.

The new iMac features 85 percent faster CPU performance when compared to its predecessor, 2x faster graphics and 3x faster machine learning. It also features up to four USB ports, with two of them being Thunderbolt.

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Image credit: Apple