Apple is selling its redesigned Apple TV 4K Siri Remote separately for $69

The new remote features a one-piece aluminum design

At Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded’ event, the company revealed that an accessory long overdue for a makeover has finally been revamped.

A new Siri remote will soon be available for purchase individually and alongside the new Apple TV 4K for $69 and $225, respectively. Additionally, the new remote is compatible with the 2017 4K Apple TV and the older Apple TV HD.

The new remote features a one-piece aluminum design that aims to better fit in the user’s hand along with an iPod-style circular gesture ring to help users move forward and rewind a show or movie precisely. The remote also features an innovative five-way navigation clickpad for improved accuracy when compared to the original Siri Remote.

Beyond that, the clickpad is also touch-sensitive, allowing users to swipe on it similar to the previous Apple TV Siri remote.

The new remote has a power button that can be used to turn a TV on or off, and the Siri button has been moved to its side to make it easily accessible.

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Image credit: Apple