DJI enters the drone racing space with new FPV drone

DJI's new FPV Bundle costs $1,748


Drone racing has always looked incredibly fascinating to me, but if you’ve ever seen a video about the hobby on YouTube, you’ll know that creating your own first-person view (FPV) drone can be a time-consuming and expensive process.

With the DJI $1,748 FPV Bundle, the China-based company aims to make FPV drone flying and racing more accessible.

The DJI FPV bundle includes the sleek-looking drone, the V2 version of its headset and a dedicated controller. The company also sells a $269 motion controller that allows the pilot to control the drone through motion gestures.


DJI says its new FPV drone features high-performance motors, a durable design and its third-generation OcuSnyc technology that powers the transmission of 1440 x 180p 60fps video with a 142-degree field-of-view, to the accompanying headset.

The drone features three different flight modes: Normal (N) results in it operating very similar to most DJI drones, including warning you when objects are near and slowing down, Manual (M) Mode, which is designed for experienced users and gives you full control over it, and Sports (S) mode, a combination of M and N.

Each mode features a different top speed, with Normal coming in at 72km/h (roughly 45mp/h), Sport hitting about 96kmp/h (about 60mp/h) and Manual achieving a maximum of 140km/h (roughly 87mp/h).

Other features include a dedicated Emergency Brake, a Hover feature, Visual Positioning Sensors, 4x Slow Motion in 1080p and FailSafe return that brings the drone back to a specific starting point with the touch of a button. Battery-life measures in at roughly 20 minutes of flight time, says DJI.


It’s worth noting that since the DJI FPV weighs 795g, it requires a license in Canada. More information can be found at this link.

The DJI FPV combo costs $1,749 in Canada and the motion controller costs $269. The DJI FPV and its various accessories are available now on DJI’s website.