Galaxy Buds Live get auto-switch and ‘Hearing enhancement’ with new update

Hearing Enhancement can be useful for people with hearing issues

Galaxy Buds Live

Samsung is rolling out a new update to the Galaxy Buds Live that adds a new ‘Hearing Enhancement’ feature and other minor performance improvements to the Bluetooth earbuds.

Hearing Enhancement allows users to adjust the sound’s balance from the left to right bud, which can be useful for people with hearing issues.

Other changes include improved auto-switching, hearing aid compatibility enhancements and the ability to control the buds within your Bluetooth device’s settings depending on what smartphone the Buds Live are connected to. Auto-switching makes it easier to switch between Samsung devices quickly and is similar to shifting Apple’s AirPods from an iPhone to a MacBook Pro, for example.

With all that in mind, 9to5Google notes that some of these enhancements are only available when you connect the wireless earbuds to a device running One UI 3.1.

Firmware ‘Version R180XXU0AUB5’ measures in at 2.2MB. The update is rolling out now and should appear on all Galaxy Buds Live in the coming days.

I typically use the Buds Live with an iPhone 12 Pro Max and the update is available for my earbuds. To download the update, navigate to the Galaxy Buds Live app and select ‘Earbuds software update.’  Next, select ‘Download and install.’

However, it’s worth noting that the new “Hearing Enhancement option isn’t available in the iOS version of the Galaxy Buds app.

Source: Reddit Via: 9to5Google