Samsung still doesn’t support Android’s seamless update feature

At this point, it seems like Samsung might never add the feature

Galaxy S21 Ultra

It was expected that Samsung would finally fold and add Android’s ‘Seamless update’ feature to its Galaxy S21 series of smartphones, but the company has once again opted out of making updates less of a hassle.

Seamless update is an Android feature that’s been baked into the operating system since 2016. It allows developers to push updates to mobile phones that download and install on a background partition. This means that all users need to do is reboot their phone to apply the update.

Without Seamless updates, users need to download the update and manually begin the install process, which can sometimes make your phone unusable for up to 20 minutes.

While it’s not ideal for Samsung to avoid adding Seamless updates to its suite of devices, it isn’t a make or break feature as far as the Android experience is concerned.

That said, it is surprising that a tech giant that prides itself on having the best smartphones on the market is missing out on this useful functionality.

Source: 9to5Google