OnePlus launches fitness tracker in India

OnePlus releases all of its cool gadgets in India

OnePlus is expanding its smart tech portfolio with a new smart fitness tracker for the Indian market.

This fitness band looks slick and offers fitness features like step tracking, workout monitoring, a heart rate sensor and more. OnePlus has even added sleep tracking, which is something that’s becoming more popular on wearable devices.

One of the most interesting things about the fitness band is that it takes a new approach to hardware design that looks a little more sporty and inviting than OnePlus’ typical devices. The basic wearable comes in grey and black, but OnePlus says it will also sell accessory straps to give people some pops of colour.

It’s important to note that it’s unlikely this band comes to Canada any time soon. India is OnePlus’ largest market, so it gets all of the company’s cool gadgets like the OnePlus TV and the good OnePlus Nord smartphone. 

Source: OnePlus